H7 (B7) chord on guitar
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H7 (B7) chord on guitar

The H7 chord (the same B7 chord) on the guitar is what I consider the final chord for beginners. Knowing the six basic chords (Am, Dm, E, G, C, A) and Em, D, H7 chords, you can proceed to the study of barre chords with a pure soul. By the way, the H7 chord is probably one of the most difficult (which is not a barre). Here you will need to use 4 (!) fingers at once, which we have not had yet. Well, let’s see.

H7 chord fingering

H7 chord fingering the guitar looks like this:

In this chord, 4 strings are pressed at oncewhich is quite difficult for beginners. As soon as you try to play this chord, you will understand everything yourself, and right away.

How to put (clamp) an H7 chord

Now we’ll figure it out how to put H7 (B7) chord on guitar. Again, this is one of the most difficult chords for beginners.

See how it looks when staging:

H7 (B7) chord on guitar

So, as you have already noticed, here we need to put 4 fingers at once, and 3 of them on the same 2nd fret.

The main problems when setting the chord H7

As far as I remember, I had enough problems with this particular chord. I tried to remember and list the main ones:

  1. It will seem that the length of the fingers is not enough.
  2. Extraneous sounds, rattling.
  3. Your fingers will inadvertently hit other strings and muffle them.
  4. It is very difficult to quickly put 4 fingers on the right strings.

But again, the basic rule is that practice solves all problems. The more you practice, the sooner you will find that H7 chord on guitar is not that difficult!

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