D chord on guitar
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D chord on guitar

After we have learned the three thug chords Am, Dm, E, the C, G, A chords and the Em chord, I advise you to study the D chord. After that, only H7 remains – and you can finish learning the chords that are not barre. Well, in this article I will tell you how to play d chord on guitar for beginners.

D chord fingering

The fingering of a D chord on a guitar looks like this:

3 strings are pressed in this chord, and it is very similar to the Dm chord, with the only exception that the first string is clamped on the 2nd fret, and not on the 1st, pay attention.

How to put (clamp) a D chord

D chord on guitar – a fairly popular and necessary chord. Sounds fun and inviting. By the way, there are two ways to put the D chord at once – and, frankly, I don’t even know which way is better. 

let’s get a look the first way to clamp the chord D:

D chord on guitar

In fact, this is the same Dm chord with the only difference – the index finger is shifted 1 fret higher.

What is good about this method? Since you already have developed muscle memory for this chord, you simply move your index finger up a fret – and from a Dm chord you get a D chord. 

Why is this method bad? It is often said that it is inconvenient. I don’t know, to be honest. Personally, I always put the D chord in this way.

The second way to clamp a D chord:

D chord on guitar

This way of staging does not fit the Dm chord in any way. As far as I know, most guitarists play the D chord this way. For me personally, it is uncomfortable – and I’m not going to retrain. My advice is to choose the staging method that suits you best and don’t bother with it!

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