Em chord on guitar
Chords for the guitar

Em chord on guitar

So, we have learned the main six chords for playing the guitar (three thieves’ chords Am, Dm, E and chords C, G, A) and now it’s worth learning the equally important chords that will be useful to you in the game. In this article, we will analyze how to put and hold the Em chord on the guitar.

Em chord fingerings

Em chord looks like this

Only 2 strings are clamped, and on the same fret. By the way, I did not find any other options for staging the Em chord. Most likely, there are no other popular options.

How to put (hold) an Em chord

Em chord on guitar – one of the simplest and easiest chords, because only 2 strings are clamped here. There are no more such chords (in my memory). Usually at least 3 strings are clamped. I mean popular chords that are a must to learn. Among the pile of other useless chords, there may be a few more where only 2 strings are clamped.

How to hold the Em chord? It looks like this:

Em chord on guitar

That’s all! Only 2 strings need to be pressed to play an Em chord.

As usual, I remind you that you need to put it in such a way that all the strings sound, nothing makes noise or rattles.

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