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from lat. compositor – compiler, writer

Author of musical works; a person who composes music. The term “composer” became widespread in Italy by the 16th century. Profession K. assumes the presence of musical and creative talent and requires special. composition teaching. The training and education of K. is given a large place in the system of muses. education. Sometimes K. acts simultaneously as a performer.

In the USSR, composers are united in the Union of Composers of the USSR. Mn. K. was awarded honorary titles (people’s artists of the USSR and the republics, honored workers in arts, etc.); for the best work are assigned Lenin and State etc. of the USSR, as well as republican State. pr. Owls. K. participate in societies. and Mrs. activities (among them – deputies of the Verkh. Soviet of the USSR, Verkh. Soviets of the republics).

In the socialist K. countries as well as owls. K., united in special creative organizations and take an active part in societies. the life of the country.

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