Bark: tool description, composition, origin, use

Bark: tool description, composition, origin, use

The bark is the prototype of the gravicord, outwardly similar to a harp, and in sound it resembles a guitar. It was invented in West Africa and used by African storytellers and musicians.


The kora is a stringed plucked instrument. This is a large African calabash that is cut in half and covered with leather. The drum-like part serves as a resonator. Often, musicians beat the rhythm on the back of the calabash. A long neck is attached to the resonator.

The strings – there are twenty-one of them – are located on a special ledge (nut) and are attached to the grooves of the fingerboard. This mount resembles a guitar and a lute. On modern specimens, additional strings are often attached for bass sounds.

Bark: tool description, composition, origin, use


The musical instrument appeared in antiquity. Traditionally, it was played by representatives of the African people Mandinka. However, it later spread throughout Africa.

The bark was used by storytellers and singers. Soft and rhythmic music accompanied their fairy tales and songs. The instrument is still popular today. Those who play it are called “jali”. It is believed that a real jali should make an instrument for himself.

Кора — центральный инструмент в музыкальной традиции народа мандинка.

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