Tres: what is it, tool composition, varieties, use

Tres: what is it, tool composition, varieties, use

There are many types of guitar in the music industry. They differ from each other in functionality, structure and sound. The tool came to the islands of the Caribbean along with the traditions of the colonists. The Spanish six-string guitar has become the basis of four Caribbean varieties with a unique sound.

What is tres

Tres is a type of guitar common in Latin America. Its sound has special metallic notes. To play on it, musicians use a special mediator. In Cuba, players of this musical instrument are called tresero, while in Puerto Rico they are called tresista.

Tres: what is it, tool composition, varieties, use

Materials for manufacturing, which have significant differences from Spanish ones, contribute to a special sound. Latin American guitars also differ from classical versions in terms of tuning.


Early versions of the design called for 3 strings to play. Now the variants of the Cuban and Puerto Rican formats have acquired significant differences. The variant common in Cuba is smaller than the classical one, it has six strings, which are grouped in pairs. Cuban tres has become an indispensable component of Latin American ensembles. With the participation of tresero, the classic Latin American salsa is performed.

The string instrument used in Puerto Rico differs in the shape and number of strings. There are nine of them, grouped in threes. In Puerto Rico, he did not receive such popularity as in Cuba.

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