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Italian, lit. – loudly, strongly; abbreviation f

One of the most important dynamic designations (see Dynamics). The meaning is opposite piano. Along with Italian the term “forte” in German countries. languages, the designations laut, stark are sometimes used, in the countries of English. languages ​​- laud, strong. Derived from forte is the designation very strong (fortissimo, Italian, superlative of F.; also piu forte or: forte forte, lit. very loud, abbreviated ff). Intermediate between forte and mezzopiano dynamic. shade – mezzoforte (mezzoforte, ital., lit. – not too loud). From the 18th century the term “forte” was also used with specifying Italian. definitions (meno – less, molto – very much, poco – quite, quasi – almost, etc.). In the 19th century composers began to resort to the designation of loudness levels greater than fortissimo (for example, ffff in the 1st movement of Tchaikovsky’s Manfred symphony).

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