Am chord on guitar
Chords for the guitar

Am chord on guitar

In the previous article, we figured out what chords are, and found out why they are needed and why to study them. In this article I want to talk about how to put (clamp) Am chord on guitar for beginners, that is, for those who have recently started learning to play the guitar.

Am chord fingerings

Chord Fingering called what it looks like on the diagram. For the Am chord, the fingering is:

I want to say right away that this is only one of the options for staging. Each chord on the guitar has at least 2-3 different settings, but usually there is always the most important and basic one. In our case, the main one is in the picture above (you don’t even have to google the rest, there’s absolutely no point in studying them for beginners).

Video: 7 easy guitar chords (key Am)

How to put (hold) the Am chord

So, we come to the main question of interest to us – but how, in fact, to clamp the Am chord on the guitar? We take the guitar in hand and:

(PS if you do not know what frets are, then first read about the structure of the guitar)

It should look something like this:

Am chord on guitar

You should pinch the Am chord with your fingers in the same way and, most importantly, all the strings should sound good. This is the basic rule! You must place the chord so that all 6 strings sound and there is no extraneous rattling, creaking or muffled sound.

Video: How to play the Am chord on the guitar

Most likely, you will not succeed the first time and even the tenth. I didn’t succeed either – and no one can immediately strike a chord perfectly on the first day. Therefore, you just need to train more and try – and everything will work out!

Video: Learning to play the guitar from scratch. First chord Am

I advise you to read: how to learn how to quickly rearrange chords

The entire list of the necessary chords for full-fledged guitar playing can be found here: basic chords for beginners. But you can learn chords from the list below 🙂

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