Bass drum: instrument composition, playing technique, use

Bass drum: instrument composition, playing technique, use

The bass drum is the largest instrument in a drum set. Another name for this percussion instrument is the bass drum.

The drum is characterized by a low sound with bass notes. Drum size is in inches. The most popular options are 20 or 22 inches, which corresponds to 51 and 56 centimeters. The maximum diameter is 27 inches. The maximum bass drum height is 22 inches.

Bass drum: instrument composition, playing technique, use

The prototype of modern basses is the Turkish drum, which, with a similar shape, did not have a sufficiently deep and harmonious sound.

Bass drum as part of a drum kit

Drum set device:

  • Cymbals: hi-hat, ride and crash.
  • Drums: snare, violas, floor tom-tom, bass drum.

The music rest is not included in the installation and is placed separately. The score for the bass drum is written on a string.

The drum kit is part of the symphony orchestra. However, not all options are suitable for concert performances. Semi-pro kits are used as an orchestral variant. They provide high-quality sound in the acoustics of a concert hall.

Bass drum: instrument composition, playing technique, use

Bass drum structure

The bass drum consists of a cylindrical body, a shell, a percussion head facing the musician, a resonant head that provides sound and is used for aesthetic and informational purposes. It can contain information about the manufacturer, the logo of the music group or any individual image. This side of the musical instrument is facing the audience.

The Play is played with a beater. It was developed at the end of the XNUMXth century. To increase the impact force, models with upgraded beaters with two pedals, or pedals with a cardan shaft are used. The tip of the beater is made of felt, wood or plastic.

Dampers come in various models: overtone rings or cushions inside the cabinet, which reduce the level of resonance.

Bass drum: instrument composition, playing technique, use

Bass playing technique

Before starting the performance, it is necessary to adjust the pedal for the convenience of the musician. Two playing techniques are used: heel down and heel up. In this case, it is not necessary to press the mallet to the plastic.

In music, the bass drum is used to create rhythm and bass. Emphasizes the sound of the rest of the instruments of the orchestra. The Play requires professionalism and special training.

Бас-бочка и хай-хет.

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