Daniel Borisovich Kramer (Daniel Kramer) |

Daniel Borisovich Kramer (Daniel Kramer) |

Daniel Kramer

Date of birth
Russia, USSR

Daniel Borisovich Kramer (Daniel Kramer) |

Born in 1960 in Kharkov. He studied at the piano department of the Kharkiv Secondary Specialized Music School, at the age of 15 he became a laureate of the Republican Competition – as a pianist (1983st prize) and as a composer (1982nd prize). In XNUMX he graduated from the Gnessin State Musical and Pedagogical Institute in Moscow (class of Professor Evgeny Lieberman). As a student, in parallel with classical music, he began to study jazz, in XNUMX he was awarded the XNUMXst prize at the piano jazz improvisers competition in Vilnius (Lithuania).

In 1983, Daniil Kramer became a soloist with the Moscow Philharmonic. In 1986 he became a soloist of the Mosconcert. Since 1984 he has been actively touring, participating in most domestic jazz festivals, since 1988 he has been performing at festivals abroad: Munchner Klaviersommer (Germany), Manly Jazz Festival (Australia), European Jazz Festival (Spain), Baltic Jazz (Finland), Foire de Paris (France) and many others. His concerts were held in Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Australia, China, USA, Africa and Central America. Honorary member of the Sydney Professional Jazz Club (Professional Musicians’ Club), member of the Happaranda Jazz Club (Sweden).

Since 1995, he has organized concert cycles entitled “Jazz Music in Academic Halls”, “Jazz Evenings with Daniil Kramer”, “Classics and Jazz”, which were held with great success in Moscow (in the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, the Great and Small Halls of the Conservatory, The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, the hall of the Central House of Artists) and many other cities of Russia. Collaborated with various television and radio companies. In 1997, a series of jazz music lessons was shown on the ORT channel, and subsequently a video cassette “Jazz Lessons with Daniil Kramer” was released.

Since the 1980s, Daniil Kramer has taught at the Gnessin Institute, then at the jazz department of the Gnessin College and the jazz department of the Stasov Moscow Music School. Here his first methodological works were written. His collections of jazz pieces and arrangements of jazz themes, published by various publishing houses, gained popularity in domestic educational institutions. In 1994 Kramer opened a jazz improvisation class for the first time in the history of the Moscow Conservatory. Since the same year, he has been actively collaborating with the New Names International Charitable Foundation, being the curator of the classical jazz direction.

Daniil Kramer’s foreign touring activity is intense and includes both purely jazz concerts, including with the famous violinist Didier Lockwood, as well as performances with foreign symphony orchestras, participation in jazz festivals and academic music festivals, cooperation with European performers and ensembles.

The musician is actively involved in organizing and holding professional jazz competitions in Russia. He founded the youth jazz competition in Saratov. In March 2005, for the first time in the history of Russia in Moscow, the concert hall of the Pavel Slobodkin Center hosted the XNUMXst International Jazz Pianists Competition, initiated and co-organized by Pavel Slobodkin and Daniil Kramer. The pianist was the chairman of the jury for this competition.

Honored Artist of Russia (1997), People’s Artist of Russia (2012), laureate of the Gustav Mahler European Prize (2000) and the Moscow Prize in Literature and Art for solo concert programs (2014). Art director of a number of Russian jazz festivals, head of the pop-jazz department at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow. He embodied the idea of ​​creating jazz concert subscriptions in many philharmonic halls in Russian cities.

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