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Charles Aznavour |

Charles Aznavour

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Charles Aznavour |

French composer, singer and actor. Born into a family of Armenian emigrants. As a child, he participated in theatrical performances, starred in the film. He graduated from 2 theater schools, acted as a co-author and partner of the pop coupletist P. Roche, then was a technical assistant to E. Piaf. In the 1950s and 60s Aznavour’s composing and performing style took shape. The basis of his songwriting is love lyrics, biographical songs and poems dedicated to the fate of the “little man”: “Too late” (“Trop tard”), “Actors” (“Les comediens”), “And I already saw myself” (“ J’me voyais deja”), “Autobiographies” (Since the 60s, Aznavour’s songs have been orchestrated by P. Mauriat).

Among the works of Aznavour are also operettas, music for films, including “Milk Soup”, “Island at the End of the World”, “Vicious Circle”. Aznavour is one of the major film actors. He starred in the films “Shoot the Pianist”, “The Devil and the Ten Commandments”, “Wolf Time”, “Drum”, etc. Since 1965, he has been heading the French Music record company. He wrote the book “Aznavour through the eyes of Aznavour” (“Aznavour par Aznavour”, 1970). Aznavour’s activities are dedicated to the French documentary “Charles Aznavour Sings” (1973).

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