Basic chords for beginners
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Basic chords for beginners

PS You can also see guitar chords for beginners in pictures

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In this article, I will try to describe in the most detailed and understandable way, what are chords and show you what are the most basic chords for beginnerswith which you should always start your training. So let’s get started.

Major six chords on guitar (start with an Am chord)

what are three thieves chords on a guitar

chords – a certain arrangement of the fingers of the left hand on the fretboard to obtain a certain sound. And if with the right hand on the guitar we play a fight or busts, then with the left hand we must clamp the chords. How to put chords on the guitar?

6 chords for beginner guitarists

Then I strongly advise you to learn these chords (in any case, you have to)

These chords will definitely need to be learned. And then we move on to bare chords.

Barre chords

There are specific barre chords – their peculiarity lies in the fact that when staging, the technique of clamping several strings at once with the index finger (most often of all) is used, plus it is additionally necessary to clamp the strings with the rest of the fingers.

5 tips for barre guitar

You should definitely learn the barre chords F, Hm, Cm, Gm, B. But the whole joke is that if you have learned the basic chords and learned how to barre, then this is no longer a problem for you and you can learn any barre at all.

Other chords

Optional chords (but needed for my website, available in song breakdowns)

Thus, at its core, there are only 9 main chords (not barre). They will be enough to play 90% of songs by chords. If you’re a beginner, then you should definitely check out these beginner chords I’ve listed above.

Basic chords for beginners

There are a myriad of chords (more than 1000), but this does not mean that you need to learn everything – or learn a lot. There is some basic chords, which is enough to play almost any song by chords. So, in order to learn how to play the guitar, you need to start learning with the chords that I indicated above.

How should a chord sound?

When you try to play a chord, be sure to achieve a clear sound.. Achieve such a case that all the strings sounded, there was no rattling and extra noise! You need to put the chord so that the fingers do not interfere with each other, do not overlap the adjacent strings and the sound is clear on each string!

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