Three thieves chords on the guitar
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Three thieves chords on the guitar

Hello! The topic of this article is to analyze what is “three thieves chords” on the guitarwhy they are called that, what kind of chords they are and how to put them. If you already know what chords are, then it’s good, if not, then I advise you to study first 🙂 So, let’s talk about thieves’ chords.

Firstly, I want to immediately open the veil of secrecy to you and name them.

Three thieves chords is a trio of chords:


These represented chords Am, Dm, E and are called thieves. Why is that? To be honest, we are unlikely to hear a real and complete answer to this question, there are only assumptions. The fact is that These three chords can play a lot of songs. Most of them are suitable for army, yard, prison (!) songs. It often happens that a person can only play these chords – but at the same time he knows a lot of songs and ditties. That’s why these chords are called “thieves” – they are simply played by the most “thieves” guys (this, of course, is sarcasm).


I hope now you understand what these three thieves chords on the guitar are. However, this concept is becoming more and more outdated – it was much more popular in the early 2000s, now it is rare to find guitarists calling Am, Dm, E chords as thieves.

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