Guitar Structure – What is a guitar made of?
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Guitar Structure – What is a guitar made of?

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Like every musical instrument, the guitar has several parts. It looks something like the picture below. Guitar structure includes: soundboard, nut, side, neck, pegs, nut, nut, frets, resonator hole and holder.

guitar structure generally shown in the picture below.

Guitar Structure - What is a guitar made of?


What is each element (part) responsible for?

The saddle serves as a mount for the strings: they are fixed there with special cartridges, while the end of the string goes inside the guitar.



The soundboard is the front and back of the guitar, I think everything is clear here anyway. The shell is the connecting part of the front and back decks, it makes up its body.

The neck contains sills. Nuts – protrusions on the fretboard. The distance between the nut is called the fret. When they say “first fret” it means that they mean the distance between the headstock and the first nut.

   Guitar Structure - What is a guitar made of?                  threshold                      frets – the distance between the frets

As for the fretboard, you’re going to be freaking out, but there are guitars with two necks at once!

kolki are the outer part of the mechanism that tightens (weakens) the strings. Turning the tuning pegs, we tune the guitar, make it sound right.


Guitar Structure - What is a guitar made of?

resonator hole – the hole of the guitar, approximately where our right hand is located when playing the guitar. Actually, the larger the volume of the guitar, the deeper its sound (but this is far from the main determining factor in sound quality).

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