Guitar technique
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Guitar technique

This section is intended more for guitarists who have already become familiar with what chords are and have begun to study tablature. If you are familiar with tablature, use them, play by tablature, then this section will suit you.

Guitar technique implies a set of techniques on the guitar, which in one way or another change its sound, add special sounds, etc. There are a lot of such techniques – in this article we will present the most basic of them.

So, this section is intended for teaching such techniques as: vibrato, tightening, sliding, harmonics, artificial harmonics. I will also tell you what fingerstyle is.

Vibrato on guitars

On the tablature, vibrato is indicated as follows:


Used in some tablature

Glissando (gliding)

glissando on guitars tablature looks like this:


One of the most commonly used tricks. Often, some transitions in the tablature of famous songs can be replaced by sliding – it will be more beautiful.


The pull-up on the tablature is indicated as follows:


The first example of a pull-up and legato hammer that immediately came to mind was Can’t Stop (Red Hot Chili Peppers)



It’s hard to explain what it is. Flajolet on guitars, in particular the artificial harmonic – one of the most difficult tricks when playing the guitar.

Flageolets make this sound    

In short, this is a way of clamping the strings with the left hand “superficially”, that is, without pressing them to the frets. 

legato hammer

Hammer guitar looks something like this

Briefly, legato hammer on guitar this is a way to produce sound without the help of a string pluck (that is, the right hand will not need to pull the string). Due to the fact that we strike the strings with a swing of our fingers, a certain sound is obtained.


This is how the pull-off is done

Pull-off performed by sharply and clearly removing the finger from the string clamp. In order to perform the Pull-off more correctly, you need to pull the string down a little, and then the finger should “break” off the string.

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