How to play guitar fight, fight schemes
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How to play guitar fight, fight schemes

In this article, we will analyze what a guitar fight is, how to play it correctly, what types of fights are, and much, much more.

I’ll go into more detail about:

Fight six

Fight six is ​​the most popular fight on the guitar. It consists of six movements and it sounds something like this:


Specifically, this recording is part of a song from the song “Pass”, which is just being played by this fight.

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Fight four: scheme how to play

The fight four is also referred to as the Tsoevsky fight, because it is used in some of his songs.

how does it sound


In the recording, I play Kino’s song “Pack of Cigarettes” in a four-man fight.

The battle plan looks like this:

Down – Up – Down with plug – Up

  1. swipe down with your thumb
  2. thumb or index finger up;
  3. index finger down (nail);
  4. thumb or index finger up.

Tsoevsky fight: schemes, types of fight

The Tsoyevsky fight is actually not at all one, there are at least 3 of them, one of them is the four-fight fight that you see above. But there are other types, and they sound like this:

first fight of six moves


There are 6 basic movements and there should be a lot of speed.

B – thumb, Y – index

At the very beginning, we play from the end: down B – down B – up B – down Y

Then we play all the time: down B – up B – down B >>>>> down B – up B – down Y

Tsoi’s other fight consists of 7 movements:


down B – up B – cap – up B – down B – up B – cap

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Thieves fight: scheme how to play

To be honest, I learned about the thug fight on the guitar quite recently, when I started preparing this article 🙂 The essence of this fight is that the bass strings change when playing. That is, first we pull one string, then we draw along all the strings, and then we pull the other string – and again we draw along all the strings.

sounds like this


Pull the B string > down with your index finger > pull the other string (not the bass) > down with your index finger.

thug fight scheme

Bass string – Mute – Bass string – Mute

You can pull the bass string both times so as not to get confused.

Fight eight: scheme how to play

Fight eight consists of eight movements and sounds something like this:


Specifically, this piece is cut from Bast’s song “Samsara”, in this song the eight fight is used.

Figure eight fight scheme

Down – Down with plug – Up – Up – 3 times in a row down with plug – Up

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What is a guitar fight


I promised I wouldn’t use obscure words, so…


What is a fight? The fight is a cycle of repetitive movements of the right hand near the sound hole (read: the structure of the guitar). In short, roughly speaking, this is what you do with your right hand on the strings, and more precisely, these are actions when you hit several strings at once.


Fighting should not be confused with guitar picking. Busting is also a cycle of repetitive movements with the right hand, but here we mean fingers. That is, repetitive finger movements. Each string has its own finger. And in combat we use the whole palm, and even squeeze the palm into a fist and other movements.


How to play guitar fight, fight schemes

How to play guitar fight


How to play guitar fight? The question is controversial and does not have a clear answer. There are many types of guitar fights – and they are all played differently. There are no such single movements for all fights, each of them is unique.


There is only a small list of string movements that usually make up a fight:



These are the main 4 different moves that usually make up a fight.

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