How to quickly learn to play the guitar?
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How to quickly learn to play the guitar?

Hello! Apparently, you are a beginner if you have come across this article… I am a guitarist with 10 years of experience, I will try to describe in detail to you now and dot the “i” on the question: “How to quickly learn to play the guitar«.

So far, I’ve already answered the following questions:

From these articles, it became clear: you can learn to play the guitar yourself, learning to play the guitar is not particularly difficult (and you don’t even have to go to courses, to a music school, etc.). But then we face another question – How fast can you learn to play the guitar? After all, no one wants to fumble in incomprehensible materials for a year, two, or even more – and not get a result. I would like us to work, play, practice – and after a while feel that now we know much more and are moving on the right path.

How to quickly learn to play the guitar?

I will try to give you a simple concept of your training, which will allow you to learn how to play in a short time.


You will have to start with chords. I have a page about basic chords for beginners. No chords at all. Chords are how the fingers of your left hand will be placed. For normal playing, a beginner needs to know 6 basic chords, then this list can be increased to 15.

Fight, busts

This item can be started at the same time as the chords. Striking and picking is what you do with your right hand on the strings. Having learned the basic battle six and a few chords, you will already be able to play a few songs. You can start learning busts right away, or you can postpone it for an indefinite period.


Tabs are needed to improve your skills. Tablature is a completely different kind of music, much higher level than playing by fighting and busting. It can take 2-3 years or even more between learning chords, fighting and fingering and learning tablature! But I recommend moving on to the study of tablature as soon as possible. Briefly about what it is in general, you can read in my article “how to read tablature”.

And yet – how to quickly learn to play the guitar? Grab your guitar and let’s go! Learn chords, fight, tablature – that’s the secret of success! Train! Read! Visit my site, after all! I humpbacked, wrote and worked especially for you to compile a guitar tutorial for beginners. Everything is detailed there – nowhere is clearer!

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