Viktor Andreevich Fedotov |

Viktor Andreevich Fedotov |

Viktor Fedotov

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Viktor Andreevich Fedotov |

Conductor, Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1972), People’s Artist of the RSFSR (1977). In 1956 he graduated from the orchestral faculty of the Leningrad Conservatory (student of P. Kurilov, M. Buyanovsky), in 1963 – the opera and symphony department of the conducting faculty (student of I. Musin).

Since 1953, the artist of the orchestra of the Theater. Kirov, since 1965 conductor. P / r Fedotov staged the ballets “Cinderella”, “Pearl”, “Hamlet”, “The Creation of the World”, “Lefty”, “Til Ulenspiegel”, “Notre Dame Cathedral”, one-act – “Oresteia”, “Spanish Miniatures”, ” Holiday in Zaragoza” to Spanish folk music, “Daphnis and Chloe”; “Man” by V. Salmanov, “Prodigal Son”; “Naughty ditties” by R. Shchedrin, “Nuncha” by D. Tolstoy, “Classical Symphony”, “In Memory of a Hero”; “Pavlik Morozov” on the music. Yu. Balkashina, “Warrior of the World” by A. Preslenev.

Music editor and conductor of the film Swan Lake, conductor of the film theater White Nights, Franz Liszt, The Pavlovian Muses, the TV series Olga Moiseeva, etc. From 1964 he conducted ballet performances and concert programs during time of foreign tours of the troupe of the Theater. Kirov.

Compositions: Harmony of the Muses and Some Problems of Ballet Theatre.— In: Music and Choreography of Modern Ballet. L., 1979, issue. 3; Profession – ballet conductor. – Sov. ballet, 1985, no. 1.

References: Samsonova S. The right to stand at the conductor’s stand.— Sov. culture, 1985, May 16.

A. Degen, I. Stupnikov

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