Fight Six on a guitar with a mute
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Fight Six on a guitar with a mute

Good day, dear guitarists and guitarists! In this article I will tell and demonstrate how to play the fight six on a guitar with a mute. In the previous article, I considered what combat is and what types of combat are.

However, fight 6 is far from the only fight on the guitar. On the site, I also analyze the Tsoi fight, which is even simpler (!), But it’s worth studying it later.

What movements does the six fight consist of

So, what movements does fight six?

  1. Run your thumb from top to bottom along the strings. We begin to conduct without affecting the 6th string. You can not even touch on the 5th, it doesn’t really matter here.
  2. We make a stub. What it is? Mute – moving the right hand along the strings in order to obtain a muffled sound. What do I need to do? To do this, we connect the thumb and forefinger (as if we are showing “ok” – see the picture below), put our hand on the strings with the back of our hand so that “ok” with the index finger is located on the 3rd string, and the thumb touches the 4th and 5th. After that, we open our “ok” so that the palm becomes perpendicular to the strings. In this case, the thumb should be below the first string. But you need to do this in a special way, you need to muffle the strings, that is, press them a little with your palm. All this must be done quickly. After opening “ok”, the strings should not have time to sound, but should be muffled with the palm of your hand. Fight Six on a guitar with a mute  Fight Six on a guitar with a mute
  3. Pull the strings with your thumb up. After we have made the stub, the thumb is already at the bottom of the first string. Without removing your hand from the plug, as if we continue to move, raising the thumb up the strings (the main thing is to grab 1, 2, 3 strings).
  4. Pull your thumb up again.
  5. Plug.
  6. Thumb up.

six battle plan looks like this

This is fight six. After we have completed the 6th movement, we begin to perform the 1st again – and so on.

Video tutorial on how to play fight six on the guitar

For those who better perceive information by sight, I specially released my own guide about what a fight is, why it is needed – and I carefully tell and show how to play a six fight on a guitar (with a mute).

Обучение игре на гитаре. (6) Что такое бой? Бой 6-ка.

A lot of tedium, but I advise you to look!

Fight six on a guitar without a muffle

I decided to add some interesting information for you on this fight.

There is another kind of fight 6-ka, but it is less beautiful, but easier than the first one (but I strongly point out to you that it is obligatory to know how to play the first fight!). In this way of playing, the “mute” movement is replaced by another. Instead of a stub, we draw from top to bottom (3, 2, 1 strings) with the index finger. And you don’t need to do any “ok”, and you don’t need to do the stub of the strings.

Useful about the fight six

Fight 6 is used in so many songs. Any, absolutely any guitarist knows this fight, because everyone starts with it. The only problem that may arise during training (most likely will arise) is the “plug” movement. This is not solved by any “special” methods, everything is solved by practice. When I was studying, I always said to myself: “I will do it 1000 times – and then it will work out.” And I repeated, again and again, these tedious exercises – and in the end, I managed to do it perfectly.

I wish you to have the same patience and diligence – and you will succeed! This fight can be learned in a day, spending about 5 hours on it. Absolutely anyone can learn it in 2-3 days.

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