What are the types of headphones?
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What are the types of headphones?

1. By design, headphones are:

What are the types of headphones?

plug-in (“inserts”), they are inserted directly into the auricle and are one of the most common.

What are the types of headphones?

intracanal or vacuum (“plugs”), similar to earplugs, they are also inserted into the auditory (ear) canal.

For example:  Sennheiser CX 400-II PRECISION BLACK headphones

What are the types of headphones?

overhead and full-size (monitor). As comfortable and discreet as earbuds are, they can’t produce good sound. It is very difficult to achieve a wide frequency range and with a small size of the headphones themselves.

For example: INVOTONE H819 headphones 

2. According to the method of sound transmission, headphones are:

What are the types of headphones?

wired, connected to the source (player, computer, music center, etc.) with a wire, providing maximum sound quality. Professional headphone models are made exclusively wired.

What are the types of headphones?

wireless, connect to the source through a wireless channel of one type or another (radio signal, infrared, Bluetooth technology). They are mobile, but have an attachment to the base and a limited range.

For example: Harman Kardon HARKAR-NC headphones 

3. According to the type of attachment, headphones are:

– with a vertical bow on the head, connecting the two cups of the headphones;

– with an occipital bow connecting the two parts of the headphones at the back of the head;

– with fastening on the ears with the help of earhooks or clips;

– headphones without mounts.

4. According to the way the cable is connected, the headphones are single-sided and double-sided. The connecting cable is connected to each of the ear cups, or only to one, while the second one is connected by a wire outlet from the first one.

5. According to the design of the emitter, headphones are dynamic, electrostatic, isodynamic, orthodynamic. Without going into the technical details of all types, we note that the most common type of modern headphones is dynamic. Although the electrodynamic method of signal conversion has many disadvantages and limitations, constantly improving design and new materials make it possible to achieve very high sound quality.

6. According to the type of acoustic design, headphones are:

– open type, partially pass external sounds, which allows you to achieve a more natural sound. However, if the external noise level is high, the sound will be hard to hear through open headphones. This type of earphone creates less pressure on the inner ear.

– half-open (half-closed), almost the same as open headphones, but at the same time provide better sound insulation.

– closed type, do not let in external noise and provide maximum sound insulation, which allows them to be used in noisy environments. The main disadvantages of closed-type headphones are boominess when playing music and sweating of the ears.

Whatever headphones you choose, remember that  sound quality should always remain the main criterion . As sound engineers say: “Headphones should be listened to with your ears,” and there is an undeniable truth in this.

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