Guide: what is it, instrument composition, sound, use

Guide: what is it, instrument composition, sound, use

Traditionally, the bagpipe is considered a national treasure in Scotland. In fact, almost every European country has its analogue. In Bulgaria, a gaida is considered a similar musical instrument.

Various variations of the guide are found in Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Greece. A distinctive feature is an unusual, even slightly intimidating appearance. The gutted skin of a kid, a sheep is used as fur. The head of the animal is not removed – a pipe usually sticks out of the mouth, on which the musician plays a melody.

Guide: what is it, instrument composition, sound, use

The structure is extremely simple: the body of a goat (skin) serves as a reservoir for the blown air, in addition to the main tube, called duhalo, there are 2-3 bass pipes on the sides, emitting a constant monotonous sound. The tool is made to order, in single copies. Craftsmen make it on their own, according to established traditions.

They use the Bulgarian bagpipe as an accompaniment, in folk ensembles: Bulgarian dances are performed to its sounds, songs are sung. Solo performance of musical works is possible.

The sound of the Bulgarian curiosity is sharp, loud, spectacular, similar to the Scottish bagpipes. Learning to play is quite difficult: any movement, touch can affect the sound quality.

Bulgarian Kaba Gaida (Gayda) - Armenian Parkapzuk - Turkish Tulum

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