Violin Lessons for Beginners: Free Videos for Home Learning

Violin Lessons for Beginners: Free Videos for Home Learning

The violin is one of the most complex instruments. The special position of the hands when playing, the absence of frets on the fingerboard, the different weights of the opposite parts of the bow make it difficult to extract an even, pleasant sound. However, playing the instrument perfectly develops the mind, intuition, imagination and contributes to creative insights.

Violin Lessons for Beginners: Free Videos for Home Learning

ALL ONLINE COURSES have selected the best video clips with violin lessons for beginners in order to independently learn how to play quality at home.

Position of the left hand

Setting hands is the main task of a newly minted violinist. A strong grip on the neck of the violin with the left hand is a typical shortcoming of beginner musicians, which hinders the further development of the violinist. You can eliminate the shortcomings of hand positioning with the help of exercises shown by a doctor of art history and a laureate of international competitions in a special video lesson.

Right hand position

Playing the violin requires the free physical condition of the performer, proper breathing through the nose, concentration, attention and auditory control. It is important to learn how to feel and comfortably place your fingers, hands and elbows during the game, to hold the bow correctly at the block. What function does each finger on the bow perform – see the detailed video tutorial with a demonstration of the correct technique.

Where are the notes on the violin

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The first glance at the violin usually causes bewilderment: how to find notes on the instrument? Only four strings and the lack of frets make playing notes much more difficult. The main trick is to remember how far a certain note is from the nut on the fretboard. The author of the video tutorial talks about the musical scale of the instrument in an accessible way and shows the techniques for taking the exact note. Beginners will need several thousand repetitions to master the first scale on the violin.

How to play the bow without squeaking

A creak instead of a pleasant sound is the result of improper distribution of the weight of the bow over the strings. In the training video, the teacher shows, using the example of a student, the rules for extracting a deep even sound. The lesson will help solve the problem of hands, hold the bow evenly and remove excess weight from the strings, having mastered the professional technique of movements.

Position Transitions

In musical slang, the smooth playing of a melody is called playing “without hesitation” and “stumbling.” Training the fingers of the left hand for the ability to smoothly and quickly move from note to note is another small step towards virtuoso playing. Aliza Keren, an online violin educator, shows the technique of transitioning from note to note with one and two fingers.

Strokes: detail and legato

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A stroke is a method of sound extraction. For the violin, there are several types of strokes, the main ones are detache and legato. Detache assumes separate bow play, legato – united. On the EVA channel, beginners and advanced will find many useful lessons from a violinist with 15 years of experience. Having mastered a few strokes, musicians will be able to play in a variety and interesting way for the listener.

Intervals and triads

Anya Violinist’s master class contains solfeggio rules for more skillful playing. Especially for beginners, the author simplifies music theory and tells the essentials. In addition to theoretical knowledge, students will receive several violin exercises for playing chords, learn to play major and minor, augmented and diminished chords rhythmically.

Violin vibrato technique

Vibration is a powerful means of musical expression. Technique influences the violinist’s individual sound. Vibration can be performed in different styles. Having mastered several variations, the violinist will be able to find the desired sound expression. You need to work on vibrato intonations throughout your creative life. How to train elbow, hand, finger and mixed vibrations – see the lesson of violinist Alena Chekhova.

Violin Exercises

By nature, the fingers do not have sufficient strength. To play musical instruments, you need training with the help of special exercises. Mikhail Nikitin’s lesson shows the simplest and most popular exercises for beginners: holding the bow on open strings, changing notes in la-re, Schradik’s exercise of four notes per bow.

How to play without notes

There is an easy way to play simple melodies on the violin, such as Irish music. The performer needs to have a good ear to select music on the instrument. The method is attractive by the opportunity to play the violin without knowing the notes and solfeggio. Intrigued? Watch the author’s video tutorial describing the tricky method. At the same time, repeat the ways of setting fingers (fingering).

Playing the violin sheet music

Violin notation has a common basis with other instruments (strings, keyboards and wind instruments). Due to the different structure for each instrument, there are differences in the ways of recording musical parts. A classic solfeggio lesson in the spirit of a music school is great for self-taught students. The tables from the video lesson will help you remember the correspondence of the strings to the notes, and the teacher will show you the correct setting of the fingers.

How to tune a violin

The clear sound of a violin depends on proper tuning. Among beginners and experienced musicians, there are few who have absolute pitch and are able to tune the instrument perfectly. The roller will help you adjust each string to the correct tone. The main thing is to be able to hear and compare the sounds made by your own violin and the virtual one.

Violin lessons from scratch

A good game requires perseverance, diligence and a little bit of talent. Despite the rubbed hands and bruises on the chin, playing the violin gives a colossal creative and mental charge that can be applied to any business.

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