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David Perez

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Spaniard by nationality. Genus. in spanish colony in Naples. In 1723-33 he studied at the Conservatory “Santa Maria di Loreto” in Naples with A. Gagli and F. Mancini. In 1740-48 regent King. chapels in Palermo, from 1752 – adv. Kapellmeister King. chapels in Lisbon. Representative of the so-called. late Neapolitan operatic school. The premiere of his first opera La nemica amante took place in 1735 in Naples, then for a number of years he composed operas commissioned by almost all major Italian companies (many operas were written to a libretto by P. Metastasio). In production P. noticeable influence of G. F. Handel, their muses. the language is expressive, dramatic, but not devoid of a certain swarm of sentimentality. Author of 39 operas, including Siroe (1740, Naples), Love Masquerade (Li travestimenti smorosi, 1740, ibid.), Demetrio (1741, Palermo), Medea (1744, ibid.), “The Mercy of Titus” (“La clemenza di Tito”, 1749, Naples), “Semiramide” (1750, Rome), “Esio” (1751, Milan), “Solimano” (1757, Lisbon; most significant. Prod. P.). He also owns a number of religious works. (masses, motets, psalms).

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