Fight “Six” on the guitar. Schemes for beginners.

Fight “Six” on the guitar. Schemes for beginners.

Fight Six on the guitar. Schemes for beginners.

Introductory information

There are many variations of guitar playing techniques, both acoustic and electric guitars. These include:

  • combat with and without silence
  • bust
  • mediator use
  • combined technique (when they use, for example, busting and fighting)

Description of the fight

Today we will look at one of the most common guitar fights – “six”. The word “fight” means that it will be necessary, in the literal sense of the word, to beat the strings. This should be done with the right hand (if the guitarist is left-handed, then with the left, respectively), while holding certain combinations on the fretboard with the other hand. Combinations are chords that contain several notes.

In order to understand what a guitar fight is, a beginner first needs to understand the structure of the guitar, learn how to hold it in his hands, read theoretical material on the Internet, put on the strings and tune the instrument. Then you need to try to extract sounds from pinching certain notes, then study the simplest chords, let your fingers get used to the strings. At first, the fingers will hurt, dropsy will form on them.

So, let’s move on to the study of guitar fighting “six”, first without muting. We will assume that you have succeeded in all of the above and now you are ready to try to play in combat.

Бой Шестерка на гитаре для начинающих

Fight six without jamming (diagram)

The “six” fight can be represented in the form of a simple scheme:

Fight Six on the guitar. Schemes for beginners.

Fight Six on the guitar. Schemes for beginners.

– This arrow indicates a strike with a downward direction.

Fight Six on the guitar. Schemes for beginners.

– this arrow shows that the blow goes from bottom to top.

It will be difficult for a beginner to understand this drawing in its entirety in one go. Therefore, I recommend a little trick – you need to divide the entire drawing into two equal parts. It will look like this:

Fight Six on the guitar. Schemes for beginners.

The first part of the drawing is 3 strokes

After the first downstroke, there is a short pause. Depending on the tempo of the song, it can be pronounced or almost imperceptible. Then, after two more strokes, there is another pause at the transition between the conditional parts of the picture. It similarly depends on the rhythm of the song. If you play a slow song, then pauses can be made a little longer, more expressive, as if focusing on them. If the song is played at a fast pace, then we can say that the pause will hardly be heard.  

Fight Six on the guitar. Schemes for beginners.

The second part of the picture is 3 strokes

This technique will help the beginner figure out how, where and how many times to beat. In parallel, you will need to pinch simple combinations with the fingers of your left hand chords for beginners: such as Am, Em, C, E. In this spirit, you need to practice until you get a full-fledged battle pattern.

“Life is like a guitar string. When it breaks, you are sad and hurt. But the strings can be re-tensioned. That’s the whole point” ©  

Angus Mackinon Young (ACϟϟDC)

How to play a fight six with a mute (diagram)

After you have mastered the first type of combat six, you can move on to the second—six with muting. There is nothing to be afraid of, this is the same fight as the previous one, with only one difference. We will talk about it now.

Muting the strings is a kind of deaf blow with the fingers or the edge of the palm on the strings. It is needed in order to make the drawing more expressive. With the addition of such a stroke, the general scheme will look like this:

Fight Six on the guitar. Schemes for beginners.

Fight Six on the guitar. Schemes for beginners.

Fight Six on the guitar. Schemes for beginners.

– this star means silence

Now that would not look so scary, we will use the already mastered trick. Divide the whole drawing into 2 equal parts. You will get the following:

Fight Six on the guitar. Schemes for beginners.

Part one – 3 hits with silence

Fight Six on the guitar. Schemes for beginners.

The second part is 3 hits with silence.

It will be easier to first learn how to do silencing separately from the main drawing. To do this, you will need to perform a simple exercise. Take the guitar and with the index finger of your right hand, try to make a sharp downward movement. The main trick is that as soon as the finger is below the first string (it is the thinnest), you need to quickly spread your palm and thus muffle the sound of the strings. This technique is called jamming.

After you master these 2 varieties and understand what a six-fight is, you can start learning songs. Here we can say one thing – there are a lot of them, almost any song can be played in this way. It is only important to understand what the pattern of the song and the tempo are.

Song drawing

Let’s deal with these questions in turn. The song drawing is a structure that consists of the following components:

  • introduction
  • verse (1st, 2nd, possibly 3rd)
  • chorus
  • loss or bridge
  • ending (again chorus or loss)

Each of these parts can have its own pace, which you need to get used to, listen to, try to reproduce. For starters, you can take songs in which there are only 4 chords. They are repeated throughout the work and form the so-called “square”. It will be easy for a beginner to learn such a song by applying the mastered technique of playing the guitar.

Songs for the fight six

Fight Six on the guitar. Schemes for beginners.Let’s try to figure out what kind of repertoire you, as a beginner, will do for the first time. It can be yard, army, drinking, folk and, of course, author’s songs. Going through the expanses of the Internet, you can find entire lists of songs on which more than one generation of guitarists have honed their skills.

We give examples. Top songs under the battle of the six for beginner guitarists:

  1. Chaif ​​- “No One Will Hear (Oh-Yo)”
  2. Bi-2 – “Like”
  3. Zemfira – “Forgive me my love”
  4. Lyapis Trubetskoy – “I believe”
  5. The King and the Jester – “Memories of a Past Love”
  6. Time Machine – “Bonfire”
  7. Spleen – “Orbit without sugar”
  8. Cinema – “Mother Anarchy”
  9. Gas sector – “Kolkhozny punk”
  10. Nautilus Pompilius – “Breath”
  11. Beasts – “Simply Such Strong Love”
  12. The King and the Jester – “The Sorcerer’s Doll”
  13. Spleen – “My Heart”
  14. Agatha Christie – “Like at War”
  15. Spleen – “Orbit without sugar”
  16. Gaza Strip – “Near your house”

That, perhaps, is all for today. Now you know what a six-fight is and you can put it into practice.

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