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fire lat. nota is a written sign

1) Conditional graphic. signs, along with add. designations used to record music according to a linear musical system, i.e. on a stave or staff. Each of the notation systems that were used in the past had its own complex of letters, which differed in style (see Musical writing). In modern notation accepted everywhere, the basis of the note is the so-called. head, round or oval. They are used as filled heads, so-called. black, and unfilled, so-called. white (Notes |). A calm can go from the head – a vertical line – up from its right side (Notes |) or down from the left (Notes |). The end of the calm can turn into the so-called. ponytail – simple, double, triple, etc. (Notes |), the ends of the stems can also be connected by transverse ribs – one, two, three, etc. The position of the head on the stave in connection with one or another clef marked at the beginning of the stave determines the pitch, and the type of head, the presence of a stem, the presence and nature of the tail determines its duration (see Rhythmic division).

2) Sheets, notebooks and whole volumes with handwritten or printed records of muses. works.

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