Fight “Four” on the guitar. Schemes for beginners.

Fight “Four” on the guitar. Schemes for beginners.

Fight Four on the guitar. Schemes for beginners.

Description of the fight

Fight four – the basics of the basics that every guitarist needs to know. With it, a lot of songs are played, and it is this battle that is easier to modify and change, adjusting to the needs of your composition. For all its simplicity, it is on its basis that other types of battles are built – for example, fight eight or fight six,so it needs to be learned first. Below is a detailed analysis of this stroke, which understands all the particular moments and nuances.

Guitar fight four on a guitar without muffling

So, it’s worth starting with the simplest aspects of this kind of guitar touch – how to play it without muting and other additions. There are two schemes for this fight.

1 schema

First – this is a standard up and down movement of the hand, when a relaxed limb beats the strings and thus beats the simplest rhythmic pattern. It looks like this:

Fight Four on the guitar. Schemes for beginners.

Down – up – down – up, and so on.

At the same time, the emphasis can be placed on both the first and third beats, and not just the third. Be sure to remember this detail – you will need it a little later. In addition, it is important to highlight some beats to highlight the rhythm of the song itself – this will be useful in order not to get confused and maintain a clear rhythm and structure of the composition.

2 schema

The second version of the battle. It is based on the downstroke technique and is slightly simpler than the first one. Its essence lies in the fact that the first three blows should be applied only down, and the last one – up. It looks like this:

Fight Four on the guitar. Schemes for beginners.

Down – down – down – up – and so on.

You can slightly modify the fight for a more beautiful sound – instead of one hit “up” at once two – “up and down”, but twice as fast to get in time and time. However, before you show your imagination, it is better to learn how it is played in the standard version.

The accents in this stroke are also set either only on the third beat, or on the first and third.

It is difficult to say whether the second option is really easier than the first. Try them both and choose the one that works best for you.

Бой Четверка на гитаре для начинающих

Fight four with jamming – the first option

The next step in learning how to play fight 4 guitar – understand how to perform it with a stub. Most often, it is used in order, again, to emphasize the rhythmic pattern and put down the desired accent. That is why now it is worth remembering the past information. We put emphasis on the blow down – and that’s what we will jam. It turns out the following:

Fight Four on the guitar. Schemes for beginners.

Down – up – mute – up – and so on.

In general, there is nothing complicated about this, and having learned a few songs where it is used, you can fill your hand and play this stroke without any problems.

If you want to mute the strings while playing the second variation of this fight, then the scheme will look like this:

Fight Four on the guitar. Schemes for beginners.

Down – down – mute – up – and so on.

It is also worth adding that even if you emphasize the first blow, you do not need to muffle it in any of the ways. Only the weak beat is muted, and this is the strong beat.

Fight four with jamming – the second option

But the second way to play this fight is a little more complicated than what was described before. The trick of this stroke is that it is in fact a greatly expanded four, to which additional strikes and plugs have been added. It looks unusual, namely:

Fight Four on the guitar. Schemes for beginners.

Down – up – mute – up – up – mute – up – and so on.

You can even indirectly call this unusual stroke “seven”, but in fact this is an extended version of the game of four. The method is more difficult, therefore, it will require certain training and coordination, however, if you play it often and every day, then you can overcome it quite quickly.

Songs for the battle four

Fight Four on the guitar. Schemes for beginners.Below is a list of songs that are played or can be played fighting four on the guitar.Try to learn them in different versions – without silencing, with simple silencing and complicated ones, and then you will be able to work out several types of strokes at once, thereby diversifying your technique and playing style.

  1. V. Butusov – “Girl in the city”
  2. Alice – “Sky of the Slavs”
  3. The King and the Jester – “Memories of Past Love”
  4. Hands Up – “My Baby”
  5. Chaif ​​- “No one will hear”
  6. Bi-2 – “Like”
  7. Cinema – Good Night
  8. Cinema – “A Star Called the Sun”
  9. Cinema – “Pack of Cigarettes”
  10. Cinema – “Blood Type”
  11. Gaza Strip — «Life»
  12. Nautilus Pompilius – “Breath”
  13. Mumiy Troll – “Vladivostok 2000”
  14. Time Machine – “Turn”

General information about guitar fighting

The main thing that can be said about this fight is one simple thing – play under the metronome and evenly. Start at a low pace and gradually pick it up. Don’t try to immediately start playing the complex rhythm pattern from the second fight with muting, it’s better to master the simple basics first, and only then move on to frequent moments.

Another good way to quickly learn this type of stroke is to play songs with guitar chords for beginners.At the same time, make sure that all notes sound evenly and without rattling. Of course, the second type of stroke with muting can cause a particular difficulty – but you just need to understand the order of strokes and play it slowly. It may not sound good, but it will help you learn how to play it quickly, train muscle memory. Learn the songs where this fight is used – and then soon it will succumb to you.

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