Three basic techniques for playing the guitar

Three basic techniques for playing the guitar

Three basic techniques for playing the guitar

This article describes three ways to play the guitar that can decorate any melody. Such techniques should not be overused, because an overabundance of them in a composition often indicates a lack of musical taste, with the exception of special compositions for training.

Some of these techniques don’t require any practice before doing them, as they are quite simple even for a novice guitarist. The remaining techniques will need to be rehearsed for a couple of days, perfecting the performance as much as possible.

Glissando. This is the simplest technique that almost everyone has heard of. It is performed in this way – place your finger on any fret under any string, then produce a sound by smoothly moving your finger a couple of frets back or forward, because Depending on the direction, this technique can be downward or upward. Pay attention to the fact that sometimes the last sound in a glissando should be played twice if this is required in the piece being performed. For an easy entry into the world of music, pay attention to learning to play guitar at the school of rock, because it is simple and accessible to everyone.

Pizzicato. This is a way of producing sound using the fingers in the world of bowed instruments. Guitar pizzicato copies the sounds of the violin-finger method of playing, as a result of which it is often used when performing musical classics. Place your right palm edge-on on the guitar stand. The middle of the palm should lightly cover the strings. Leaving your hand in this position, try to play something. All strings should produce an equally muffled sound. If you select a “heavy metal” style effect on the remote control, pizzicato will control the sound flow: its duration, volume and sonority.

Tremolo. This is a repeated repetition of the sound obtained using the tirando technique. When playing classical guitars, tremolo is performed by moving three fingers in turn. The thumb plays the bass or support, and the ring, middle and index fingers (necessarily in this order) play the tremolo. An electric guitar tremolo is achieved by using a pick by making quick up and down movements.

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