The order of combining guitar effects

The order of combining guitar effects

Guitarists can be divided into three groups. The first of these are supporters of single guitar effects that are chained to achieve the desired sound. Guitarists with a more modern approach look for their thanks in extensive processors that provide so-called “all in one”. Still others do not use external effects at all – a guitar, a good cable and a solid amplifier are enough for them. In this tutorial, we have something for the first group.

The order of combining guitar effects

Order of combining effects

Combining guitar effects isn’t quite that obvious, and to get the best possible sound, there are some rules that should help you get there. However, if you find that you prefer to do it your way, do not worry, nothing will break, and sometimes it is even worth experimenting with the order of the pedals in the pedalboard It is certain, however, that some effects sound better at the beginning and others at the end of the chain This mainly applies to delay, which doesn’t sound the best before clipping, and can even introduce a lot of chaos to our signal. Differently with various types of Wah-Wah filters, boosters and equalizer – here there can be a lot of fun, and the end result is surprisingly different …

Anyway, why write about it? The below movie will surely brighten your head… what? In which order? And why is that so? We hope that the guide will also inspire you to look for your own settings, and thus your unique and characteristic sound. We invite!

Kolejność łączenia efektów gitarowych



We count the beginning of the chain from the sound source, i.e. the guitar.

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do we count the beginning of the chain from the guitar or the stove?


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