Choosing a Becker Digital Piano

Choosing a Becker Digital Piano

Digital pianos of the Becker brand are put on a par with European manufacturers such as Bluthner, Bechstein, Steinway & Sons. Becker pianos are distinguished by their unique construction and design, and at different times the keys of Becker brand pianos have been touched by the hands of Liszt, Scriabin, Saint-Saens, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Richter.

Today, Becker’s keyboard instruments are presented in a wide range on the musical goods market, and each performer, both beginner and professional, will be able to choose a model based on preferences, cost and characteristics.

history of the company

Choosing a Becker Digital PianoThe brand originates in Germany, where in 1811 Jakob Becker, a piano maker, an innovator in his field and a talented inventor, was born. Having founded a factory in St. Petersburg, Yakov Davydovich Bekker became the first person to introduce the Erara system into the domestic piano building, made an adaptation of the technology from the USA for applying strings in a transverse way.

Despite the fact that over the long history, Becker’s business survived fires, revolutions, and crises, the factory continued to exist under various names. So, the well-known “Red October” is also one of the successors of the traditions of Yakov Becker in the Soviet period, highly appreciated in the musical world outside of Russia.

The Becker brand is high-class tools, unshakable quality and German technologies available in Russia. This article highlights the ranking of the brand’s leading electronic pianos, reviews of the models presented, an overview of the quality characteristics and advantages of the Becker piano over competitors. Every musician will be able to choose the optimal Becker digital piano model for themselves.

Review and rating of digital pianos from Becker

Budget models

Among the inexpensive segment, it is worth highlighting the Becker BSP-102B Digital Piano and the Becker BSP-102W Digital Piano . These electronic pianos feature a budget-friendly price, a fully weighted 88-key keyboard essential for learning and flawless playing, a built-in metronome and 128-voice polyphony. Both models have a weight of 18 kg and an identical set of characteristics, differing only in color scheme.

Choosing a Becker Digital Piano

Main parameters:

  • pitch adjustment
  • 8 types of reverb
  • demo versions of classics (Bayer, Czerny)
  • USB, stereo output, headphones
  • Dimensions 1315 x 337 x 130 mm

Becker white digital pianos

Non-standard color schemes in the design of a musical instrument not only make it an interior decoration, but also have a beneficial effect on the creative process itself. Speaking about the snow-white body of the electronic piano, I recall the color music system of A.N. Scriabin, in which the white color is given to the bright and joyful C major.

Becker’s range of digital pianos includes several models in white and cream. The Becker BAP-72W digital piano is equipped with a ROS V.6 Plus tone generator, which gives the sound as close to acoustics as possible, just like touch-sensitive wooden keys. The richness of the pianist’s creative thought is provided by 256-voice polyphony and a wide collection of timbres .

Choosing a Becker Digital Piano


  • RHA-3W latest generation keyboard
  • Graphic LCD display
  • hammer noise
  • all digital effects (MIDI, MP3, SMF, AMD)
  • 3 pedals with half-press function
  • 50 classic demos
  • layering timbres _
  • metronome
  • Dimensions 1440 x 440 x 895 mm
  • Weight 59 kg

The Becker BAP-62W digital piano has a special keyboard sensitivity, and the imitation of hammer action will make the performance not only close to the acoustic sound, but also allow the musician to completely immerse himself in the creative process. Emotional sound will give 256-voice polyphony and the presence of three classic pedals.

Choosing a Becker Digital Piano


  • 40 accompaniment styles
  • ROS V.6 Plus tone generator
  • Bluetooth Audio/MIDI (5.0)
  • 9 reverb types
  • Twin Piano Mode
  • Dimensions 1440 x 440 x 885 mm
  • Weight 51 kg

Becker Black Digital Pianos

Among classic black Becker electronic pianos, the Becker BAP-50B Digital Piano and Becker BSP-100B Digital Piano stand out . These models have a touch keyboard and 189-voice polyphony , but the Becker BSP-100B has a number of advantages over the more monumental Becker BAP-50B. The first model is distinguished by mobility (only 20 kg versus 109 kg), as well as the presence of 11-layer sampling technology for each key. The lightweight tool has a number of valuable modern characteristics:

  • Sound effects Ambience, Chorus, Equalizer
  • Voices 10 Chinese instruments
  • metronome of different tempos and sizes

-Best in terms of price / quality ratio

The ivory Becker BDP-82W digital piano with LED screen and three classic pedals will be the best choice for connoisseurs of not only functional, but also beautiful instruments. The model will be an excellent acquisition for a beginner and an experienced musician, it comes with a banquette and a music stand for music.

Among the classics, the Becker BDP-82R Digital Piano is balanced in all respects . Being an instrument of the middle price segment, this piano combines compact dimensions, elegance of form and basic characteristics (polyphony, metronome, bench, headphones and music stand). Equipped with all three pedals and finished in rosewood.

Choosing a Becker Digital Piano

Dear models

Becker BAP-72W digital piano in white and Becker BAP-62R digital piano in black. The high price of the instruments is due not only to the impeccable design and external parameters, but also to the power of quality characteristics (256-voice polyphony, BrainCare function (technology for relaxing while playing the piano based on white noise), the latest generation RHA-3W keyboard, which thoroughly imitates acoustic sound ).

Choosing a Becker Digital Piano

How digital pianos differ from Becker

  • high quality wood
  • German traditions with a focus on the Russian consumer
  • Maximum proximity to acoustics

Pros and Cons of Becker Digital Musical Instruments

Against the background of the objective prevailing advantages of the brand’s products, among the minuses one can only mention the cost of tools, and even then it does not exceed the price tag of world manufacturers of similar quality.

Differences and comparison with competitors

Even at the initial stage of its development, the workshop of Jacob Becker had an advanced division of labor for that time, optimizing the production process as much as possible. Becker also for the first time created a cross-national distribution of production stages in a factory. So, only employees of German blood interacted with the accuracy of sound and mechanisms , the Finns interacted with logging, and the Austrians performed the final processing. The master thus showed the extraordinary abilities of a talented leader, because such an innovation has become truly strategic.

If we compare the Becker piano with German manufacturers, then the price of the product will become an indisputable advantage, with common equals. Compared to Asian and American brands, Becker digital pianos outperform most competing companies in terms of adapting the sound of the instruments as closely as possible to the acoustic version.

Answers on questions

Does manufacturer Becker have classic brown digital pianos?

Yes, for example, this model is Becker BAP-50N Digital Piano

What is the weight of the brand’s lightest tool?

These are, for example, the Becker BSP-100B Digital Piano (its weight without a stand is only 20 kg) and the Becker BSP-102W Digital Piano (weight – 18 kg).

Customer Reviews

Buyers note among the advantages of the instrument the excellent full-fledged acoustic sound of Becker digital pianos, the classic elegant style in the design of models, the durability of service and comfortable use for both training and concert performance.

Summing up

Becker digital pianos are a compromise between the highest quality and reasonable prices, the harmony of German traditions and modern technologies on the Russian market of electronic pianos. Investing in Becker brand instruments is a truly worthwhile and promising investment in the development of your musical gift or the talent of your child.

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