Enrico Bevignani (Enrico Bevignani) |

Enrico Bevignani (Enrico Bevignani) |

Enrico Bevignani

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composer, conductor

From 1864 he performed in London (including Covent Garden in 1871-72), from 1872 he spent a number of seasons in Russia. Participant of the 1st productions on the Russian stage op. Aida (1875, Mariinsky Theatre), Tom’s Mignon (1879, Bolshoi Theatre), Un ballo in maschera (1880, ibid.). Also carried out the 1st production on the professional stage op. “Eugene Onegin” (1881, Bolshoi Theatre). Particularly noteworthy is B.’s participation in fasting. op. “Snegurochka” on the stage of the Moscow private Russian. operas (1885, artist V. Vasnetsov, soloists Salina, Lyubatovich and others). Spanish there. for the first time on the Russian stage op. “Lakme” (1885), “Dinora” Meyerbeer (1885). In 1891 B. isp. for the first time in Russia op. “Rural Honor” (Moscow, Italian troupe). In 1894 he made his debut at the Metropolitan Opera, from 1898 he performed at the Vienna Opera. Author of a number of musical compositions.

E. Tsodokov

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