“Waltz” by Venancio Garcia Velasco, sheet music for beginners

“Waltz” by Venancio Garcia Velasco, sheet music for beginners

“Waltz” by Spanish guitarist Garcia Velasco “Tutorial” Guitar Lesson No. 23

The beautiful and simple waltz by Garcia Velasco presented in this lesson will help to consolidate the idea of ​​the guitar range up to the XNUMXth fret inclusive, received in previous lessons. Parsing and learning the waltz is one more step, thanks to which you will be ready to move on to the next step in learning the guitar neck up to the XNUMXth fret. As for this piece in terms of performance, the main requirement for the performer is the rhythmic accuracy of the waltz as a dance and the smoothness of the melodic line, which should dominate the accompaniment. The melody is played with apoyando (with support) in the same way as the bass line played with the thumb of the right hand (p). Without support (tirando technique), only the accompaniment is performed – notes written with stems down on the second and third beats of the measure. In the first ten measures of the waltz, this separation of melody and accompaniment is clearly visible. Further, the melody in some places coincides with the accompaniment and you need to differentiate the performance by the volume of the sound – that is, in triad chords, try to play the upper sound more clearly, thereby separating the melody from the accompaniment. In the middle of the piece, under the musical line, there is an abbreviated inscription poco rit. (poco ritenuto) denoting a slowdown from the Italian words poco – a little and ritenere – to delay (slowing down a little). The inscription a tempo – in tempo implies a return to the previous (initial) tempo. Waltz by Venancio Garcia Velasco, sheet music for beginnersWaltz by Venancio Garcia Velasco, sheet music for beginners

Vals - Venancio Garcia Velasco

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