Music Terms – I
Music Terms

Music Terms – I

I (it. and) – defined, plural masculine article in Italian. lang.
Idillio (It. idillio), Idyll (German idil), Idyll (English idil), Idylle (French idium) – idyll
Il (Italian il) – definition. the article is one, masculine numbers in Italian. lang.
Ilarità (it. ilarita) – joy; con ilarità (it. con ilarita) – joyfully, cheerfully
Il doppio movimento (it. il doppio movimento) – the pace is twice as fast
Im (German im) – in; the same as in dem
Im Eifer (German im aifer) – ardently
Im gemessenen Schritt (German im gemessenen shrit) – moderate, in motion
Im klagenden Ton (German im klagenden tone) – plaintively, deplorably
Im lebhaftesten Zeitmaße (German im lebhaftesten zeitmasse) – very lively
Im neuen Tempo (German im neuen tempo) – at a new pace
Im Takt (German im tact) – to the beat, in time
Im Tempo nachgeben (German: im tempo nachgeben), Im Tempo nachlassen (im tempo nachlassen) – slow down
Im trotzigen tiefsinnigen Zigeunerstyl vorzutragen (German: im trotzigen tifzinnigen tsigoinershtil fortsutragen) – perform stubbornly and thoughtfully in a gypsy way [ Liszt]
Im Volkston (German im Volkston) – in the spirit of folk music
Im vorigen Zeitmaße (German im forigen zeitmasse) – at the same pace
Im Zeitmaße (im tsáytmasse) – at the original pace
Image (fr. image, eng. image) – the image of
Imboccatura (it. imboccatura) – a hole for blowing air in the wind instrument
Imbroglio (it. imbrolio) – simultaneous connection of various sizes; literally confusion
Imitando (it. imitando) – imitating, imitating; for example, Imitando il flauto ( imitando il flyauto  imitating a flute
(lat. imitation peer augmentationem) – imitation in an increase
Imitatio per diminutionem (imitation peer diminutsionem) – imitation in a decrease
Imitatio retrograda (lat. imitation retrograde) – reverse imitation
of Immédiatement (fr. immedyatman) – suddenly, immediately
Immer (German immer) – always, constantly
Immer leise nach und nach (immer layze nach und nach) – gradually weakening
Immer mehr und mehr (immer mayor und mayor) – more and more
Immer noch (immer noh) – still
Imparfaite (French enparfet) – imperfect [cadans]
Impaziente (it. impatiente), Impazientemente (impatientemente),con impazienza (con impatience) – impatiently
Imperceptible (French enperseptible) – imperceptible, imperceptible
Imperceptiblement (enperseptibleman) – imperceptibly, imperceptibly
Imperfect (eng. impefikt), Imperfetto (it. imperfetto) – imperfect [cadans]
Imperfectio (lat. imperfectio) – “imperfection”; the term of mensural music, meaning the bipartite
Impérieux (French enperyo), Imperioso (it. imperioso) – imperiously
Impeto (impeto) – impulse, swiftness
Impetuoso (it. impetuoso), con impeto (con impeto) – swiftly, ardently, impetuously
Imponente(it. imponente) – impressively
Impression (fr. enprésion, eng. impreshn), Impression (germ. impression), Impressione (it. impressione) – impression
Impromptu (fr. enprontyu) – impromptu
Improperia (lat. mournful chants of the Catholic Church); literally plaintive
Improvvisata (it. improvisation), Improvvisazione (improvisation), Improvisation (fr. improvisation, eng. improvisation), Improvisation (ger. improvisation) – improvisation
Improvviso (it. improvviso) – suddenly, unexpectedly
In(It., German, English in) – in, on, to, from
In A, in B, in F, etc. (German in a, in be, in ef) – instrument tuning, transposing to A, B-flat, F, etc.
In disparte (it . in disparte) – separately
In distanza
( it. in distance) – in the distance bevegung mit ainer komishen art gesungen) – sing in a moderately fast movement, with a comic. expression [Beethoven. “Urian’s Journey”]
In Entfernung (German in entfernung) – in the distance
In giù (It. in ju) – downward movement [bow, hands]
In hat (in hat) – play with a mute (term jazz, music)
In leidenschaftlicher Bewegung (German: in leidenschaftlicher bewegung) – at a moving pace, passionately [Beethoven. “In love”]
In lontananza (it. in lontananza) – in the distance
In margine (it. in margin) – [play] along the edge of the membrane (on a percussion instrument)
In moderation (eng. in moderation) – moderately, restrained
In modo ( it. in modo) – in a genus, in the style of
In modo narrativo (it. in modo narrative) – as if telling
In questa parte (it. in cuesta parte) – in this party
In rilievo (it. in rilievo) – highlight
In su (it. in su) – upward movement [bow, hands]
In time (eng. in time) – on time
In un istante (it. in un istante) – instantly, suddenly
In uno (it. in uno) – “on time” (when counting or conducting)
In wechselnder Taktart (German in vex-elnder taktart) – changing size (meter ) [R. Strauss. “Salome”]
In weiter Entfernung (German: in weiter entfernung) – at a great distance (behind the stage, behind the stage) [Mahler. Symphony No. 1]
In weitester Feme aufgestellt (German: in whitester ferne aufgestelt) – placed very far away (instruments offstage) [Mahler. Symphony No. 2]
Inaferando (inaferando) – a non-existent word used by Scriabin in the Poem, Op. 32, no. 1; apparently, it means inafferrabile (it. inafferrabile) – subtly, slightly touching
Inbrunst(German inbrunst) – ardor; mit Inbrunst (mit inbrunst) – ardently
Incalzando (it. incalzando) – accelerating
Incanto (it. incanto) – spell; con incanto (con incanto) – charmingly
Incatenatura (it. incatenature) – old, called. comic potpourri; literally clutch; the same as quodlibet
incertitude (fr. ensertityud) – uncertainty, indecision; avec incertitude (avek ensertityud) – hesitantly
Incidental music (English incidental music) – music for the drama
Incipit (lat. incipit) – designation of the beginning of the work; literally begins
Incisif (fr. ensisif) – sharply, sharply
Incollando (it. inkollando), Incollato (incollato) – take all the notes of the chord at once
Incrociando (it. inkrochando) – crossing [arms]
Incudine (it. inkudine) – anvil (used as a percussion instrument) [Wagner’s operas, Verdi’s Il trovatore ]
Indebolente (it. indebolente) – weakening [sound]
Indeciso (it. indechiso) – hesitantly, indefinitely
Indefinite (English indefinite) – indefinite
Indefinite sound (indefinite sound) – sound of indefinite height
Indifferente (it. indifferente), con indifferenza ( con indifferent) – indifferent, indifferent, indifferent
Indignato(it. indignato) – indignantly
Indolente (it. indolente), con indolenza (it. con indolenza) – dispassionately, indifferently, carelessly
Inebbriante (it. inebbriante) – delightful
Ineseguibile (it. inezeguibile), Inexécutable (fr. inexecutable) – impracticable, impracticable
Inférieur (fr. enferier) – lower
Infermo (it. infermo) – painfully, weakly
Infernal (fr. enfernal), Infernale (it. infernale) – hellishly, demonically
Infinite (it. infinito) – endlessly, limitlessly
Infiorare ( it. infiorare) – decorate
Inflection, inflexion(English inflection) – music. intonation
Inflessione (it. inflesione) – flexibility, shade
Inflessione di voce (inflessione di voce) – flexibility of the voice
Infocandosi (it. infokandosi), Infocarsi (infokarsi) – inspiring, flaring up
Infra (it. infra) – under, between Infrabass (it. infra) – under, between
Infrabass (it . .- German infrabass) – one of the registers of the organ
Inganno (it. Inganno) – an interrupted cadence; literally deception
Ingegnoso (it. ingegnoso) – witty, intricate
Ingemisco (lat. ingemisko) – “I sigh” – the beginning of one of the parts of the requiem
Ingénu (fr. Enzhenyu), Ingenuo(it. indzhenuo) – naively, innocently
Initial (fr. inisial, eng. inishl), Iniziale (it. initial) – initial, capital
Initium (lat. initium) – initial formula: 1) in Gregorian chant; 2) in polyphony, the music of the Renaissance; literally the beginning
of Innig (it. innih) – sincerely, sincerely, cordially
Inno (it. inno) – hymn
Innocente (it. innochente) – innocent, artless, just
Inquieto (it. inquieto) – restless, anxious
Insensibile (it. insensibile) , Insensibilmente (insensibilmente) – insensitive, imperceptible
Insieme (it. insieme) – 1) together, at the same time; 2) ensemble
Insinuant (fr. ensinyuan) – insinuatingly [Scriabin. Sonata No. 7]
Inspiration (French enspiracion, English inspiration) – inspiration
Instrument (French enstryuman, English instrument), Instrument (German instrument) – instrument
Instrument à cordes frottees (French enstryuman a cord frotte) – bowed string instrument
Instrument à cordes pincees (fr. enstryman a cord pense) – a stringed plucked instrument
Instrument à membrane (fr. enstryman a manbran) – an instrument with a sounding membrane; for example, drums, timpani
Instrument à vent (French enstryuman a van) – wind instrument
Instrument d’archet (French enstryuman d’archet) – bowed instrument
Instrument de percussion (French enstryuman de perkyson) – percussion instrument
Instrument enregistreur (fr. enstryuman enregistrer) – an instrument that registers, records music Instrument
mécanique (fr. enstryuman makanik) – a mechanical instrument natural instrument Instrument transpositeur (French enstryuman transpositer) – transposing instrument Instrumental ( fr. enstryumantal, German instrumental, English instrumental )  instrumental
Instrumentation (German instrumentation), Instrumentierung (instrumentirung) – instrumentation
Instrumentenkunde (German instrumentation) – instrumentation
Intavolatura (in. intavolatura) – tablature
Intense (fr. entance), Intensivo (it. intensive), Intenso (intenso) – intensive, tense
Interlude (English interlude), Interludio (lat. interludio), Interludium (interludium) – interlude
Intermède (fr. entermed), Intermedio (lat. It. intermedio) – interlude
Intermezzo(it. intermezzo, traditional pronunciation intermezzo) – intermezzo
Internal pedal
( eng . intenel paddle) – sustained, tone in environments , voices Interpretazione ( It . Interpratione ) – interpretation , interpretation
_ _
_ it. intervallo) – Interversion interval
(French enterversion) – appeal
Intime (French entim), Intimement (entimeman), Intimo (It. Intimo) – sincerely, intimately
Intonare (It. Intonare) – intotone, sing
Intonation (French entonation, English intonation), Intonation (German intonation), Intonazione (it. intonation) – intonation
Intrada (Latin – German intrada) – introduction
Intrepidamente (it. intrapidamente), con Intrepidezza (con intertrapidezza), Intrepido (intrepido) – boldly, confidently
Introduction ( French introduction, English introduction), Introduction(German introduction), Introduzione (it. introduction) – introduction, introduction Introitus (lat. intrbitus) – the introductory part of the mass
Invariabile (it. invariabile) – invariably
Invention (fr. envansion, English invension), Invention (German invention ), Invenzione (it. inventsione) – an invention; literally fiction
Inventionshorn (German Inventionshorn) – horn with additional crowns
Inventionstrompete (German Inventionstrompete) – trumpet with additional crowns
Inverse (French envers, English inves), Inverso (it. inverso) – opposite,
reverse(Latin inversio), Inversion (French enversion, English inveeshn), Inversion (German inversion), Inversione (Italian inversione) – reversal or movement of voices, opposition
Inverted mordent (English invetid modent) – mordent with an upper auxiliary note
Inverted pedal (English invetid paddle) – sustained, tone up, voices
Invocation (French envocation), Invocazione (It. Invocation) – appeal, call
Inzidenzmusik (German incidentmusik) – music that accompanies the stage action
Ionius (lat. ionius) – Ionian [lad]
Irato (it. irato), con ira(con ira) – angry
Ira (ira) – anger
Irgend (German yergend) – only
Irgend moglich (yirgend meglich) – as soon as possible
Irise (fr. irize) – rainbow [Messian]
Iron frame (eng. Ayen frame) – cast-iron frame at the piano
Ironic (English ironic), Ironico (Italian ironic), Ironique (French ironic), Ironisch (German ironish) – ironically, derisively
Irresolute (Italian irresolute) – hesitantly
… is (German. …is) – the addition of is after the letter designation of the note means sharp; for example, cis (cis) – C-sharp
…isis(German … isis) – the addition of isis after the letter designation of the note means double-sharp; for example, cisis (cisis) – C-double-sharp
Isochrone (French isocron) – equal-length, isochronous
Isolated (English Aizeletid), Isolato (It. isolato), Isole (French isole), Isoliert (German isolirt) – separately, in isolation
Isoliert postiert (German isolirt postirt) – to arrange in isolation [individual instruments or groups of them in orc.]
… issimo (it. … yssimo) – the ending of a superlative degree in Italian. lang.; for example, presto – soon, prestissimo – very soon
Istantaneamente(it. istantaneamente), Istantemente (istantemente) – instantly, suddenly
Istante (istante) – instant
Istesso (it. istesso) – the same
Istesso tempo (istesso tempo) – the same tempo
Istrumentale (it. istrumentale) – instrumental
Istrumentare (istrumentare) – to instrument
Istrumento (istrumento) – instrument; same as strumento

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