Music Terms – H
Music Terms

Music Terms – H

H (German ha) – the letter designation of the sound si
Habanera (Spanish avanera) – habanera (Spanish dance of Cuban origin); literally, Havana, from Habana – Havana
Hackbrett (German hákbret) – dulcimer
Halbbaß (German halbbas) – small double bass
Halbe Lage (German hálbe láge) – half position
Halbe Note (German hálbe note), Halbtaktnote (halbtaknóte) – 1 / 2 note
Halbe Noten schlagen (German halbe noten schlagen) – mark half notes
Halbe Pause (German halbe páuse) – 1/2 pause
Halbkadenz (German halbkadenz), Halbschluss (halbsluss) – half cadence
Halbsatz(German halbzatz) – sentence (half period)
Halbton (German halbton) – semitone
Haletant (fr. Altán) – panting [Scriabin. Sonata No. 10]
Half (eng. haaf) – half
Half cadence (haaf kadens) – half cadence
Half tone (haaf toun) – semitone
Hälfte (German helfte) – half
Hallen (German hallen) – sound
Hailing (Norwegian halling ) – Norwegian dance
Hals (German Hals) – the neck of bowed instruments
Hammer (German Hammer), hammer (English Hame) – a hammer; 1) at the piano; 2) for playing
Hammerklavier percussion instruments(German hammerklavier) – starin, called. piano
Hand (German hand) – hand
Handlage (handlage) – the position of the hand
Handbassi (German handbassi) – the old bass string instrument
Handharmonika (German handharmonica) – hand harmonica; the same as Ziehharmonika
Handlung (German handlung) – action, act
Hard bop (English haad bop) – one of the styles of jazz art; literally hard, bop
Hard felt stick (eng. had felt stick) – [play] with a stick with a hard felt
head Hardiment (fr. ardimán) – boldly, courageously, boldly
Harfe (German kharfe) – harp
Harfeninstrumente(German harfeninstrumente) – stringed plucked instruments without a fingerboard
Harlem jump (English Háalem jump) – one of the styles of piano playing in jazz; literally, Harlem accent (Harlem – Negro, area in New York)
Harmonic (English hamonic), Harmonique (French armonic), Harmonisch (German harmonic) – harmonic, harmonious
Harmonic tone (English hamonic toun) – overtone,
Harmonica harmonica (French armonica, English hamonike) – glass harmonica
Harmonie (French armoni), Harmonie (German harmoni), Harmony (English haameni) – harmony, consonance
Harmonie (French armoni) –
Harmonielehre brass band(German harmonilere) – the doctrine of harmony
Harmoniemusik (German harmonimusik) – 1) op. for brass band; 2) the
Harmonieorchester brass band (German harmoniorkester) – the
Harmonieux brass band (French armonier) – harmoniously, in tune
with Harmon ika (German harmonika) – harmonica, accordion
Harmonique (French armonic), son harmonique (French sleep armonic) – overtone, harmonic sound
Harmonisation (French armonization, English chamonization) –
Harmonium harmonization (French armonión, English hamóunem), Harmonium (German harmonium) – harmonium
Harrnon mute(English hamon mute) – mute “harmon” for brass instruments in jazz, music
Harp (eng. haap), Harpe (fr. arp) – harp
Harpeggiert (German harpegirt) – arpeggiated
Harpsichord (eng. hápsikod) – harpsichord
Hart (German hart) – hard, hard, jerky
Hast (German haet) –
hastiness Hastig (hástikh), mit Hast (mit hast) – hastily, hastily
Hat (English hat) – cup mute; literally hat; in hat (in hat ) – play with a mute (a term for jazz ,
music )
wie ein Hauch – like a breath
of Hauptklavier (German hauptklavier), Hauptmanual (hauptmanual); Hauptwerk (Háuptwerk) – the main keyboard of the organ
Hauptsatz (German Háuptzats) – the main part
of Hauptton (German Háuptton) – 1) the main (lower) sound of the chord; 2) sound surrounded by
melismas Hauptzeitmaß (German háuptsáytmas) – the main, i.e., the initial tempo of a piece or part of the
Hausmusik cycle (German háusmuzik) – house music
Hausse (fr. os) – bow block; the same as talon
Hausser la note (fr. osse la note) – raise the sound
Haut (fr. o) – high
Haute contre(from counter) – contralto
Haut dessus (o desshu) – high soprano
Haute taille (from thai) – tenor
Hautbois (fr. obuá) – oboe
Hautbois baryton (basse) (oboi baritone, bass) – baritone (bass) oboe
Hautbois d ‘amour (obouá d’amour) – oboe d’amour
Hautbois de chasse (obuá de chasse) – hunting oboe (ancient oboe)
Hautbois de Poitou (obouá de poitou) – oboe from Poitou (ancient oboe)
Hautboy (eng. slaughter) – oboe
Hauteur (fr. Oter) – height [sound]
Hauteur indéterminée (oter endetermine) – indefinite height [sound]
Head(English head) – 1) flute head; 2) note head
Heavy (English heavy) – heavy
Heavely (heavy) – hard
Heckelphon (German heckelfon), Heckelphone (French ekelfon) – heckelphone – woodwind instrument
Heftig (German heftich) – rapidly, rapidly
Heimlich (German Heimlich) – secretly, secretly, mysteriously
Heiter (German kháyter) – clear, fun, joyful
Helicon (Greek helikon) – helicon (brass instrument)
Hell (German Hel) – light, loud, transparent
Hemiola (lat. hemiola) – in mensural notation, a group of small notes
Hemitonium (Greek – Latin hemitonium) – a semitone
Heptachord urn (Greek – Lat. heptachordum) – heptachord, a sequence of 7 stupas, diatonic scale
Heraufstrich (German: heraufshtrich) – movement with a bow upwards
Heraus (German: heraus), Hervor (herfór) – out, out; denotes the selection of a voice
Herdenglocke (German herdengloke) – Alpine bell
Heroic (English hiróuik), héroïque (French eroik), Heroisch (German héróish) – heroic
Hervortretend (German Herfórtretend) – highlighting, coming to the fore
Herzlich (German Herzlich) – cordially, sincerely
Hésitant (French ezitan ) – hesitantly, hesitating
(French etherofoni), Heterophonie (German heterofoni), Heterophony (English heterofoni) – heterophony
Heuchlerisch (German hóyhlerish) – feigned, hypocritical
Heulend (German hóyland) – howling [R. Strauss. “Salome”]
Heurté et violent (French erte e violan) – assertively, violently
Hexachordum (Greek – Lat. hexakhordum) – hexachord – a sequence of 6 steps of the diatonic scale
Hier (German khir) – here, here; von hier an (von hir an) – hence the
Highest note of instrument (eng. hayest nout ov instrument) – the highest sound of the instrument [Penderetsky]
Hi-hat (eng. hi-hat) – pedal cymbals
Hilfsnote (German hilfsnote) – auxiliary note
Hinaufgestimmt (German hináufgeshtimt) – tuned (th) higher [violin, string, etc.]
Hinaufziehen (German hináuftsien) – slide up (portamento on strings) [Mahler. Symphony No. 2]
Hinter der Szene (German hinter der scene) – offstage
Hinunterziehen (German hinuntercien) – slide down
Hirtenhorn (German Hirtenhorn) – shepherd’s horn
Hirtenlied (Hirtenlid) – the shepherd’s song
Historia sacra (lat. Historia sacra) – oratorio on a religious plot
Hit (English hit) – a hit, a popular song; literally, the success
of Hoboe (German hoboe) – oboe
Hochet (French Oshe) – ratchet (percussion instrument)
Höchst (German Hoechst) – 1) extremely; very; 2) the highest
Höchste Kraft (höhste craft) – with the greatest power
Höhe des Tones (German höhe des tones) – pitch
Höhepunkt (German höepunkt) – the climax, the highest point of
Hohe Stimmen (German hoe shtimmen) – high voices
Hohlflöte (
Holz (German Holz), Holzblaser (Holzblezer), Holzblasinstrumente ( Holzblazinstrumente ) – woodwind instrument
Holzblock (German Holzblock) – wooden box (percussion instrument)
Holzharmonika(German holtsharmonika) – starin, called. xylophone
Holzschlägel (German: Holzschlögel) – a wooden mallet; mit Holzschlägel (mit holzschlägel) – [play] with a wooden mallet
Holztrompete (German holztrompete) – 1) a wooden pipe; 2) view of the alpine horn; 3) a wind instrument made according to decree. Wagner for the opera Tristan and
Isolde _ _ _ _ _ _ . hokvatus) – goket – a medieval musical genre of a comic nature; literally, Horă ‘s stutter
(rum. hóre) – chora (Moldovan and rum. folk dance)
Hörbar (ger. kherbar) – audible, audible; kaum hörbar (kaum herbar) – barely audible
Horn (German horn, English hóon) – 1) horn, horn; 2) bugle; 3) horn
Horn (English hóon) – any wind instrument (in jazz)
Hörner-Verstärkung (herner-fershterkung) – additional horns
Hornpipe (English hóonpipe) – 1) bagpipes; 2) folk English dance (sailor)
Hornquinten (German hórnkvinten) – hidden parallel fifths; literally, horn fifths
Hornsordine (German hornsordine) – horn mute
Horn-tuba (German horn-tuba) – Wagner tuba (tenor and bass)
Horsehair(eng. hóoshee) – bow hair
Hostias (lat. hostias) – “Victims” – the beginning of one of the parts of the requiem
Hot (eng. hot) – performance style in traditional jazz; literally, hot
Hübsch (German hübsch) – beautiful, charming, good
Huitième de soupir (French yuitem de supir) – 1/32 (pause)
Humeur (French Humer) – mood
Humor (German humor) – humor; mit Humor (mit humor) – with humor
Humoreska (German humoreska), Humoresque (French humoresque) – humoresque
Humor (French humour, English hume) – humor
Hüpfend (German hyupfend) – skipping [Schönberg. “Moon Pierrot”]
Hurdy-gurdy(English hedy-gady) – a lyre with a spinning wheel
Hurtig (German Hurtich) – animatedly
Hymn (English, hymn), Hymne (French imn), Hymne (German hymne), Hymnus (lat. hymnus) – anthem
Hymnenartig (German himnenartich) – in the character of the hymn
Hyper (Greek hiper) – over
Hypo (hipo) – under
Hypophrygius (lat. hipofrigius) – hypophrygian [lad]

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