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Authentic cadence, authentic cadence (from the Greek aytentikos – main, main) – the sequence of chords of the fifth degree (dominant) and the first degree (tonic), completing the music. construction or whole product. Name comes from authentic. medieval frets, in which the fifth degree (dominant) played a particularly important role. A. to. has become widespread since the 17th century. Like other cadences (cadans), A. to. can be full (D – T) or half (T – D). In turn, full cadences are divided into perfect and imperfect. In perfect cadences, the sixth step is given in the bass, and in the upper voice on the first step, the main sounds. chord tone. In imperfect cadences, these conditions are not met, for example. D or T is given as a sixth chord, or final tonic. chord – in melodic. third or fifth position.

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