Music Terms – J
Music Terms

Music Terms – J

Ja (German I) – yes, after all, only
Ja nicht eilen (German I am nicht áilen) – just don’t rush
Ja nicht zu schnell (German I nicht zu schnell) – not too soon
Jack (English jack) – “ jumper “(part of the harpsichord mechanism)
Jagdhoboe (German yagdhoboe) – hunting oboe
Jagdhorn (German yagdhorn) – hunting horn
Jaleo (Spanish haléo) – Spanish national dance
Jam session (English jam session) – a collection of jazz performers for joint music making
Jazz (English jazz) – 1) jazz; 2) perform jazz, music
Jazz band (jazz band) – jazz orchestra
Jazz flauto (English-Italian jazz fluto) – jazz, flute
Jedoch (German edóh) – but, nevertheless, nevertheless,
Jeté (French jet) – a stroke on bowed instruments (throw of a bow on a string)
Jeu </b> (French) – 1) play [ on instrument]; 2) in the organ, a set of pipes of a certain range, of the same timbre
Jeu à anche </b> (same a anche) – reed voice (in the organ)
Jeu à bouche </b> (same a bush) – labial voice (in the organ) Jeu de timbres (fr. same de tenbre) – bells
Jeu d’orgue (fr. same d’org) – organ register: 1) a group of pipes of a certain range and the same timbre; 2) a mechanical device that allows you to turn on various groups of pipes
Jeu liturgique (fr. liturzhik) – mystery
Jeu ordinaire (fr. same ordiner) – a game without mutes (usual)
Jeu perlé (fr. same pearlé) – bead game; literally, pearl
Jig (eng. jig) – jig (starin, fast dance)
Jingle-bells (eng. jingle-belz) – bells
Jive (eng. jive) – a fashionable dance of the 60s. 20th century
Jodeln (German yodeln) – a special technique of singing among the Alpine highlanders
Joie sublime extatique (French joie sublime ecstatic) – sublime, ecstatic joy [Skryabin. Symphony No. 3]
Jongleur (French juggler) – juggler, minstrel
Jota (Spanish hóta) – hota (Spanish national dance)
Jouer (French jue) – play [instrument]
Joyeux(French Joyeuse) – cheerful, joyful
Joyeusement (Joyezman) – fun, joyful
Joyeux essor (French Joyeux esor) – joyful outburst [Scriabin]
Joyeux et emporté (French Joyeuse e enporte) – fun, with an impulse [Debussy. “Octaves”]
Jubilatio (lat. jubilatio) – anniversary (melismatic singing)
Jubilee (eng. jubilee) – a type of religious chants of North American blacks
Jump (eng. jump) – a strong accent (a term for jazz, music)
Jungle style (eng. jungle style) – one of the styles of playing wind instruments in jazz; literally jungle style
Jusque (French Jusque) – until
Jusqu’à la fin (Jusque a la fan) – until the end
Jusqu’au signe (zhyusk o blue) – before the
Juste sign (fr. just) – pure [quart, fifth]

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