Music Terms – D
Music Terms

Music Terms – D

D (German de, English di) – the letter designation of the sound re
Da (it. yes) – from, from, from, to, according to
Da capo al fine (da capo al fine) – repeat from beginning to end
Da capo e poi la coda (da capo e poi la coda) – repeat from the beginning and then – code
Da capo sin’al segno (yes capo sin’al segno) – repeat from the beginning to the sign
Dach (German dah) – deca; Literally roof
Dagli (it. dali) – preposition da in conjunction with the definite article of the masculine plural – from, from, from, to, by
Dai (it. give) – preposition da in conjunction with the definite article of the masculine plural – from , from, from, to, by
Dal(it. dal) – the preposition da in conjunction with the singular masculine definite article – from, from, with, to, according to
Dall’ (it. dal) – the preposition da in conjunction with the def. article husband. and the feminine singular – from, from, from, to, according to
Dalla (it. Dalla) – the preposition da in conjunction with the definite article of the feminine singular – from, from, from, to, according to
Dalle (it. Dalle) – the preposition da in conjunction with the plural feminine definite article – from, from, from, to, according to
Dallo (it. Dallo) – the preposition da in conjunction with the singular masculine definite article – from, from, from, to, according to
Dal segno (it. dal segno) – from the sign
Damp (eng. dump) – muffle the sound
Damper (dempe) – 1) damper; 2) mute
Dämpfer (German damper) – damper, muffler, mute; mit Dämpfer (mit damper) – with a mute; ohne Dämpfer (one damper) – without mute
Dämpfer ab (damper ab) – remove mute
Dämpfer auf (damper auf) – put on mute
Dämpfer weg (dempfer weg) – remove mute
Dance (English dance) – 1) dance, dance, music for dancing, dance evening; 2) dance
Dancing party (dansin paati) – dance evening
Dann (German Dan) – then, then, then
Dans (French Dan) – in, by, on
Dansant (French Dansan) – dancing, dancing
Danse (fr. Dane) – dance, dance
Danse macabre (dane macabre) – dance of death
Dans les coulisses (fr. dan le backstage) – play backstage
Dans le sentiment du début (fr. dan le centiment du debu) – returning to the original mood [Debussy. Preludes]
Dans une brume doucement sonore (French danjun brum dusman sonor) – in a soft-sounding fog [Debussy. “Sunken Cathedral”]
Dans une expression allant grandissant (French danzun expression alan grandisan) – gradually more majestic [Debussy]
Dans un rythme sans rigueur et caressant (French danz en rhythm san riger e caresan) – in free movement, affectionately [ Debussy. “Sails”]
Dans un vertige (French danz en vertige) – dizzying [Scriabin. “Prometheus”]
Danza (it. danza) – dance
Danza macabra (dance macabra) – dance of death
Darkly (English daakli) – gloomy, mysterious
Darmsaite (German darmzaite) –
Daumenaufsatz gut string (German daumenaufsatz) – “bet” (reception of playing on cello)
De, d’ (fr. de, d’) – from, from, about; sign gives birth, case
De plus en plus (French de plus en plus) – more and more
De plus en plus audacieux (French de plus en plus ode) – more and more boldly [Skryabin. Symphony No. 3]
De plus en plus éclatant (French de plus en plus eklatan) – with increasing brilliance, sparkle [Scriabin. Symphony No. 3]
De plus en plus entraînant(French de pluse en pluse entrenan) – more and more captivating [Scriabin. Sonata No. 6]
De plus en plus large et puissant (French de plus en plus large e puissant) – wider and more powerful [Scriabin. Symphony No. 3]
De plus en plus lumineux et flamboyant (French de pluse en pluse lumine e flanbuayan) – brighter, blazing [Scriabin]
De plus en plus radieux (French de pluse en pluradier) – ever more radiant [Skryabin. Sonata No. 10]
De plus en plus sonore et animé (French de plus en plus sonor e anime) – more and more sonorous and lively [Scriabin. Sonata No. 7]
De plus en plus triomphant (fr. de plus en plus trionfant) – with increasing triumph [Scriabin. Symphony No. 3]
De plus prés (French de plus pre) – as if approaching
De profundis (lat. de profundis) – “From the abyss” – the beginning of one of the Catholic chants
Debile (it. debile), Debole (debole) – weakly, exhausted
Debolezza (debolezza) – weakness, exhaustion, instability
Debolmente (debolmente) – weakly
Début (French debut), Debutto (it. debutto) – debut, beginning
Déchant (French dechant) – treble (kind of old, polyphony)
Déchiffrer (French decipher) – parse, read from the sheet
Déchirant, comme un cri (fr deshiran, com en kri) – like a heartbreaking cry [Scriabin. “Prometheus”]
Décidé (French deside) – decisively
Decima(it. dechima) – Decimole
Decimole (it. decimole) – decimol
Deciso (it. dechizo) – decisively, boldly
Decke (German dekke) – the upper deck of the stringed instruments
Declamando (it. deklamando) – reciting
Declamation (English deklemeyshen ), Déclamation (French deklamation), Declamazione (it. deklamatione) – recitation
Décomposer (fr. dekonpoze) – to separate
Decompose (dekonpoze) – divided
Decrescendo (it. dekrashendo) – gradually reducing the strength of the sound; the same as diminuendo
Dédicace (French Dedikas), Dedication (English dedication),Dedicazione (it. dedicatione) – dedication
Dedie (fr. dedie), Dedicated (eng. dedicate), Dedicato (it. dedicato) – dedicated to
Deep (eng. diip) – low
Deepen (deepen) – lower [sound]
Défi (fr . defi) – challenge; avec defi (avec defi) – defiantly [Scriabin. “Prometheus”]
Deficiendo (it. deficiendo) – reducing the power of sound and speed of movement] fading away; the same as mancando, calando
Degli (it. degli) – the preposition di in conjunction with the plural masculine definite article – from, from, with
Degré (French degre), Degree(English digri) – degree of mode
Dehnen (German denen) – tighten
Dehors (French deor), en dehors (an deór) – highlight, highlight; literally outside
Dei (it. dei) – the preposition di in conjunction with the definite article of the masculine plural – from, from, with
Deklamation (German declamation) – recitation
Deklamieren (deklamiren) – recite
Del (it. del) – preposition di in conjunction with the masculine singular definite article – from, from, with
Délassement (fr. delyasman) – 1) rest; 2) light piece of music
Delay (English delay) – detention
Deliberatamente (it. deliberatamente),Deliberato (deliberato) – resolutely, lively, boldly, somewhat speed up the movement
Deliberate (English diliberite) – carefully, leisurely
Délicat (French Delica), Delicatement (delikatman), Delicatamente (it. delikatamente), con delicatezza (con delicatezza), delicato (delicato) – gently, delicately, gracefully, elegantly, refined
Délicatement ct presque sans nuances (French delikatman e presque san nuance) – gently and almost without nuances [Debussy. “Pagodas”]
Délice (French Dalys) – pleasure; avec délice (avec délice) – enjoying [Scriabin. “Prometheus”]
Délié (French delie) – free
Delirando (it. delirando) – fantasizing
Delirare (delirare) – fantasizing
Delirio (delirio) – fantasizing, delight
Delizia (it. delicia) – joy, admiration, pleasure; con delizia (con delizia) – joyfully, admiringly, enjoying
Delizioso (delicioso) – charming, charming
Dell’ (it. del) – the preposition di in conjunction with the definite article husband. and feminine singular – from, from, with
Della (it. Della) – the preposition di in conjunction with the definite article of the feminine singular – from, from, with
Delle(It. Delle) – the preposition di in conjunction with the plural feminine definite article – from, from, with
Dello (It. Dello) – the preposition di in conjunction with the singular masculine definite article – from, from, with
Démancher (fr . demanche) – on bowed instruments, the transition from one position to another.
Demande (fr. demand) – leader in the fugue
Demi-cadence (fr. demi-cadans) – half cadence
Demi-jeu – same) – play at half strength
Demi-mesure ( French demi-mazure) – half-tact
Demi-pause (fr. demi-pos) – half pause
Demisemiquaver (eng. demisemikueyve) – 1/32 (note)
Demi-soupir (fr. demi-supir) – 1/8 (pause )
Demi-ton (fr / demi-tone) – semitone Demi-voix (fr. demi-voix), a demi-voix – in an undertone
Denkmaler der Tonkunst (German denkmaler der tonkunst) – monuments of musical art (academic editions of early music)
Depuis (French depuis) ​​- from, with
Derb (German derb) – roughly, sharply
Derrière la scène (French darrier la seine) – behind the scene
Derrière le chevalet (French derry le chevale) – [play] behind the stand ( on bowed instruments)
Désaccordé (French dezacorde) – detuned
Descant (English descant) – 1) song, melody, melody; 2) treble
Descendant (French desandan) – descending
Descendendo (it. deshendendo) – gradually reducing the strength of the sound; the same as Decrescendo
Descort (French decor) – a song of troubadours, trouveurs
Desiderio (it. desiderio) – desire, passion, aspiration; con desiderio (con desiderio) – passionately, passionately; con desiderio intenso (con desiderio intenso) – very ardently, passionately
Desk (eng. desk) – music stand
Desolato (it. desolato), Desole (fr. desole) – woeful, inconsolable
Désordonné (fr. desordone) – randomly [Skryabin. “Dark Flame”]
Dessin (French Dessen) – drawing
Dessin mélodique (dessen melodic) – melodic drawing
Dessous(French dessu) – bottom, bottom, bottom; du dessous (French du Dessus) – below, less than
Dessus (French Dessus) – 1) on, above, above; 2) treble, upper voice
Dessus de viole (dessyu de viol) – old, called. violins
Destra (it. destra) – right [hand]
colla destra (colla destra), destra mano (destra mano) – right hand
Destramente (it. destramente) – deftly, easily, lively; con destrezza (con destrezza) – with ease, liveliness
Desvario (Spanish: desvario) – whim, delirium; con desvario (con desvario) – capricious, as if delirious
détaché (fr. detache) – detail: 1) a stroke on bowed instruments. Each sound is extracted by a new direction of movement of the bow without breaking away from the string; 2) play keyboard instruments separately [Prokofiev. Sonata No. 7]
Détendre (French detandre) – weaken
Determinate – (It. determinato) – decisively
Detonation (German detonation), Détonnation (French detonation) – detonation
Détonner (detone), Detonieren (German detoniren) – detonate
Detto (it. detto) – the same, named, aforementioned
Deutlich (German
doitlich ) – clearly, distinctly
Deux (fr. de) – two, two; à deux (a de) – together; à deux mains (a de main) – in 2 hands
Deuxième (fr. desiem) – second, second
Deux quatres (fr. de quatre) – size 2/4
Development (eng. divalepment), Développement (fr. develepman) – development [topics], development
Devise (French devise) – motto (designation on the mysterious canon, making it possible to read the canon)
Devozione (it. devotsione), Divozione (divotsione) – reverence; con Devozione (con devocione), con divozione (con divocione), Devoto(devoto) – reverently
Dextra (lat. dextra) – right [hand]
Dezime (German decime) – decima
Dezimett (German decimet) – ensemble and composition for 10 performers
Dezimole (German decimole) – decimol di (it. di ) – from, from, with; birth sign. case
diabolus in musica (lat. diabolus in music) – tritone; literally the devil in music
_ – range: 1) volume of voice or instrument; 2) one of the registers body 3) it., fr. tuning fork Diapente
(Greek – It. diapente) – fifth
Diaphonia (Greek diaphonia) – 1) dissonance; 2) type of old, polyphony
Diastema (Italian diastema) – interval
Diatonic (English dayethonic), Diatonico (Italian diatonic), Diatonique (French diatonic), Diatonisch (German diatonish) -diatonic
Di bravura (Italian di bravura ) – boldly, brilliantly Dictio
( lat . Dictio ) – diction
Die Anderen (German di Anderen) – others, other parties –sharp Dies irae
(lat. Dies ire) – “Day of Wrath” [“Last Judgment”] – the initial words of one of the parts of the requiem
Diferencias (Spanish diferencias) – variations of Spanish. composers (lute players and organists of the 16th century)
Différence (French differance), Difference (English difrans), Differenz (German diferents), Differenza (Italian differenza) – difference, difference
Differentiae tonorum (lat. differentsie tonorum) – various concludes, the formulas in the Gregorian chant of the psalms
Difficoltà (it. diffikolt), Difficulté (fr. diffikulte), Difficulty (eng. diffikelti) – difficulty, difficulty
Digitazione(it. digitatsione) – fingering
Dilettante (it. dilettante, fr. dilettant, eng. dilitanti) – dilettante, lover
Dilettazione (it. dilettazione), Diletto ( diletto) – pleasure,
enjoyment , zeal; con diligenza (con diligenta) – diligently, diligently
Diludium (lat. dilyudium) – interlude
Diluendo (it. dilyuendo) – gradually weakening the sound
Dilungando (it. dilyungando), Dilungato (dilyungato) – stretching, tightening
Diminished (eng. diminisht), Diminue (fr. diminue), Diminuito(it. diminuito), Diminutus (lat. diminutus) – reduced [interval, chord]
Diminuendo (it. diminuendo) – gradually weakening
Diminutio (lat. diminutsio) – decrease: 1) rhythmic narrowing of the theme; 2) in mensural notation, a decrease in the duration of notes; 3) decoration
Diminution (French diminution, English diminyushn), Diminution (German diminuts6n), Diminuzione (it. diminutsione ) – 1) decrease in duration; 2) decorations with small durations
Di molto (it. di molto) – very, much, enough; placed after other words, enhances their meaning; e.g. allegro di molto – faster than allegro
Dinamica(it. dynamics) – the power of sound and its changes
Diphonium ( Greek – Latin diphonium) – a piece for 2
voices a cycle of 2 pieces) Direct (eng. direct) – conduct Director (directe) – conductor Direction (fr. direction) – 1) conducting; 2) abbreviated. score; 3) add, stave in orchestra. parts of the 1st violin, piano or accordion, on which the main themes of other parts are written out, indicating their introduction Direttore del coro (it. direttore del coro) – choirmaster Direttore d orchestra (it. direttore d’orkestra) – conductor
Direzione (it. diretzione) – conducting
Dirge (eng. deedzh) – funeral song
Dirigent (German dirigant) – conductor
Diriger (fr. conductor), Dirigere (it. dirigere), Dirigieren (German dirigiren) – to conduct
Diritta (it . diritta) – right [hand]; the same as destra
Dirty tones
( eng . children tones) – a technique of jazz, performance, based on the distortion of
a tempered
tone disco), Disque (fr. disc) – gramophone record
Discord (English disk), Discordance (discode), Discordant note (discode note), discordanza (it. discordant) -dissonance
Discordant (fr. discordan, eng. diskodent) – dissonant
Discret (fr. discre), Discretamente (it. discretamente), Discreto (discreto) – restrained, moderately
Diseur (fr. dizer), Diseuse (dizez) – singer, singer, performing
disgiungere (it. dizjunzhere) – to separate, disunite
Disharmony (eng. diskhaameni) – disharmony
Disinvolto (it . disinvolta), con disinvoltura(kon dizinvoltura) – freely, naturally
Diskant (German treble) – 1) the highest children’s voice; 2) part in the choir or wok. ensemble, performed by children’s or high female voices; 3) one of the registers of the organ
Diskantschlüssel (German treble shlussel) – the treble clef
Disordinamente (it. disordinamente), con disordine (con disordine) – in disarray, confusion
Disperato (it. disperato), con disperazione (con disparatione) – inconsolable, in despair
Disprezzo (it. disprazzo) – neglect, contempt
Dissonance (French dissonance, English disenance), Dissonantia (lat.Dissonanz (German dissonance), Dissonanza (it. dissonance) – dissonance, dissonance
Distant (eng. distant) – remotely, restrained, cold
Distinctio (lat. distinctio) – various conclusions, formulas in Gregorian chanting of psalms
Distinto (it. distinto) – clear, distinct, distinct, separate
Distonare (it. distonare) – detonate
Dithyramb (English ditiramb), Dithyrambe (French ditiranb), Dithyrambe (German ditirambe), Ditirambo (It. ditirambo) – dithyramb
Ditonus (Greek – lat. ditonus) – dichord (a scale of 2 sounds within a third)
Ditteggiatura(it. dittejatura) – fingering Dittico
( it . dittiko) – diptych (music cycle of 2 pieces)
Divertimento (it. divertimento), Divertissement (fr. 1) amuse, performance; 2) dance. suite or insert numbers in ballet and opera; 3) a kind of suite for an instrument, ensemble or orchestra; 4) a light, sometimes virtuoso piece like potpourri; 5) interlude in the fugue Divin (fr. diven) – divinely Divin essor (divin esor) – divine impulse [Scriabin. Symphony No. 3] Divisi (it. Divisi) – the division of homogeneous stringed instruments, the voices of the choir into 2 or more parts; literally separated
Divotamente (it. divotamente), Divoto (divoto) – reverently, devotedly
Dixieland (eng. dixieland) – one of the styles of jazz, music
Dixième (fr. disem) – decima
Dixtuor (fr. dixtuor) – ensemble and composition for 10 performers
Do (it., fr. do, eng. dou) – sound before
Doch (German doh) – but, however, still
Doch nicht zu sehr (doh nicht zu zer) – but not too much; the same as that non troppo
Docke (German dock) – “jumper” (part of the harpsichord mechanism)
Dodecafonia (It. dodekafoniya), Dodécaphonie (French dodekafoni), Dodecaphonu (English doudekafouni),Dodekaphonie (German dodekafoni) – dodecaphony
Dogliosamente (it. dolosamente), Doglioso (doloso) – sad, mournful, sorrowful
Doigté (fr. duate) – fingering
Doigté fourchu (duate fourchu) – fork fingering [on a woodwind instrument]
Doit ( English doit) – a short glissando up on sound removal (reception of playing in pop music, music)
Dolce (it. dolce), Dolcemente (dolcemente), son dolcezza (con dolcezza) – pleasant, gentle, affectionately
Dolcian (lat. Dolcian) – 1) a woodwind instrument (the forerunner of the bassoon); 2) one of the registers of the
Dolente organ(it. dolente) – plaintively, mournfully
Dolore (it. dolore) – grief, sorrow, sadness
Doloroso (doloroso), con Dolore (con dolore) – with pain, longing, sadly
Dolzflöte (German dolzflete) – an old type of transverse flute
Dominant (English dominant), Dominante (Italian dominant, French dominant), Dominante (German dominant) – dominant
Dominantdreiklang (German dominant-driklang) – triad on the dominant
Dominantseptimenakkord (German dominantseptimenakkord) – dominantsept chord
Domine Jesu Christe (lat. domine ezu christe) – the opening words of one of the parts of the requiem
Dona nobis pacem(lat. dona noois patsem) – “Give us peace” – the initial words of the Catholic. chants
Donnermaschine (German donnermashine) – a percussion instrument representing thunder
Dopo (It. dopo) – after, then
Doppel-Be (German doppel-be), Doppeler- niedrigung (doppelernidrigung) – double-flat
Doppelchor (German doppelkor) – double choir
Doppelerhöhung (German doppelerhe-ung) – double sharp
Doppelflöte (German doppelflete) – one of the registers of the organ
Doppelfuge (German doppelfuge) – double fugue
Doppelgriff (German doppelgriff) – double note playing technique on stringed instruments
Doppelhorn(German doppelhorn) – double horn
Doppelkanon (German doppelkanon) – double canon
Doppelkonzert (German doppelkontsert) – double concerto (work for 2 soloists with orc.)
Doppelkreuz (German doppelkreuz) – double sharp
Doppeloktave (German doppeloktave ) – double octave
Doppelpunkt (German doppelpunkt) – 2 dots on the right side of the note
Doppelschlag (German doppelshlag) – groupetto
Doppelt (German doppelt) – double, doubly
Doppelt besetzt (doppelt besetzt) ​​- double composition
Doppelt so langsam (doppelt zo langzam) – twice as slow as
Doppelt so rasch (doppelt zo rush),Doppelt so schnell (doppel so shnel) – twice as fast
Doppeltaktnote (German doppeltaktnote) – note lasting 2 measures
Doppeltriller (German doppeltriller) – double trill
Doppelvorschlag (German doppelforshlag) – double
grace Doppelzunge (German doppelzunge) – double blow language (reception of playing a wind instrument)
Doppia croma (it. doppia croma) – 1/16 [note] (semicroma)
Doppio (it. doppio) – double
Doppio concerto (doppio concerto) – double concerto
Doppio movimento (doppio movemento) – with double speed
Doppio pedale (doppio pedale) – double pedal
Doppio trillo(doppio trillo) – double trill
Doppio bemolle (it. doppio bemolle) – double-flat
Doppio diesi, diesis (it. doppio diesi, diesis) – double-sharp
Dorische Sexte (German dorishe sexte) – Dorian
sexta Dorius (lat. dorius) – Dorian [mode]
Dot (eng. dot) – dot [lengthening the previous note]
Double (fr. double, eng. double) – 1) doubling, repetition; 2) the old name of the variations
Double (French double), Double cadence (English double cadence) – old, named. gruppetto
Double barre (French double bar) – double [final] line
Double-bass (English double bass) – double bass
Double-bassoon (English double bass) – contrabassoon
Double-bass trombone (English double bass trombone) – double bass trombone
Double bémol (French double bambl), Double flat (English double flat) – double flat
Double contrebasse (FR .double double bass) – subcontrabass
Double corde (fr. double cord) – reception of playing double notes on stringed instruments
Double coup de langue (fr. double ku de lang) – double blow of the tongue (reception of playing a wind instrument)
Double croche (fr. double crochet) – 1/16 (note)
Double dièse (French double sharp), Double charp (English double shaap) – Double-sharp
Double-horn(English double khoon) – double horn
Double quick (English double quick) – very fast
Double-stoping (English double stop) – the technique of playing double notes on a stringed instrument
Double-triple (French double triple) – size 3 / 2
Doucement (French Dusman) – gently
Doucement sonore (Dusman sonor) – with a gentle, light sonority
Doucement en dehors (Dusman en deor) – gently highlighting
Douceur (Duser) – tenderness
Douloureux (French dulure) – douloureusement (dulyurezman) – sadly, mournfully
Douloureux déchirant (French dulure deshiran) – with heartbreaking sorrow [Scriabin]
Doux(fr. du) – gently, pleasantly, calmly, softly
Doux et un peu gauche (fr. du e en pe gauche) – gently and somewhat clumsily [Debussy. “Jimbo’s Lullaby”]
Douzehuit (French Duzuyt) – size 12/8
Douziéme (French Douzem) – duodecima
Down beat (English down beat) – 1 and 3 beats of the bar (jazz, term)
Downstroke (English downstroke ) – bow down movement
Dramatic (English dramatik), Drammatico (Italian dramatiko), Dramatique (French dramatic), Dramatisch (German dramatic) – dramatic, dramatic
Drame lyrique (French drum lyricist), Drame musical (drum musical ) – music. drama
Dramma (it. drama) – drama
Dramma lirico (dramma lyrico), Dramma in musica (drama in music), Dramma per la musica (drama peer la music) – opera
Dramma giocoso per musica (drama jokoso peer music) – comic opera
Dramma semiseria per musica (drama semiseria peer music) – semi-serious opera (literally semi-serious)
Drängend (German drengend) – speeding up
Dreamily (English drimil) – dreamy
Dreamy (drimi) – dreamy
Dreher (German dreer) – Austria. national waltz dance; the same as Ländler
Drehleier (German dreyleyer) – a lyre with a spinning wheel
Drehnote (German draynote) – cambiata
Drehorgel (German dreyorgel) – barrel organ
Drehventil (German dreyventil) – rotary valve (for brass instruments)
Dreifach (German driftah) – three times
Dreifach geteilt (drift geteilt) – divided into 3 parties ; the same as divisi a tre
Dreiklang (German dreiklang) – triad
Dreitaktig (German draitaktich) – count 3 measures
each Dringend (German dringend) – insistently
Dritta (it. Dritta) – right [hand], the same as destra, diritta
Drive (English drive) – pressure, activity in sound production and performance (jazz, term); literally set in motion
Drohend(German droend) – threatening [R. Strauss]
Droite (French druat) – right [hand]
Drolatique (French drolyatik) – funny, funny, buffoonish
Drone (English drone) –
Druckventil bagpipe bass pipe (German drukventil) – pump valve for brass wind instruments
Drum ( Drums ) – drum
Drums (English drama) – percussion instruments (in a jazz orchestra)
Drumstick (English drum stick) – [play] with a drumstick
Dry (English dry) – dry, dry
Dudelsack (German dudelzak) – bagpipe
Due (it. duet) – two
Due volte (due volte) – 2 times, twice
Duet (English duet),Duett (German duet), Duetto (it. duetto) – duet
Dulcimer (English dalcime) – cymbals
Du milieu de I’archet (Fr. du milieu de l’archet) – [play] in the middle of the bow
Dumpf (German dumpf ) – deaf, muffled
D’un rythme souple (fr. d’en rhythm supl) – in a flexible rhythm
Duo (it. duo, fr. duo), Duo (it duo) – duet
Duodecima (it. duodechima), Duodezime ( German duodecime) -duodecima
Duole (it. double), Duole (German double), Duolet (fr. duole) – duol
Duolo (it. duolo) – grief, sorrow, suffering; conduolo(con duolo) – sad, mournful
Dupla (lat. hollow) – in mensural music, halving the duration
Duplex longa (lat. duplex longa) – one of the largest durations in mensural notation; the same as maxima
Duplum (Latin Duplum) – 2nd voice of the organum
Dur (German Dur) – major
Durakkord (durakkord) – major chord
Duramente (It. Duramente), Duro (duro) – hard, rough
Durch (German Durch) – through, through
Durchaus (German Durhaus) – completely, completely, without fail
Durchführung(German durhfürung) – 1) carrying out a theme in all voices (in a fugue); 2) development of thematic material: 3) development
of Durchführungssatz (German durhfürungszatz) – the developmental part of the work
Durchgang (German durhgang), Durchgangston (durchganston) – a passing note
Durchkomponiert (German durkhkomponiert) – [song] of non-couplet structure
Durchwegs (German durhwegs ) – always, everywhere
Durdreiklang (German durdreiklang) – major triad
Durée (French Duret) – note duration
Dureté (French Durete) – hardness, rigidity, severity
Durezza (it. Durezza) – hardness, rudeness, sharpness, rigidity; con Durezza (con durezza) – firmly, sharply, rudely
Durgeschlecht (German durgeschlecht) – major inclination
Durtonarten (German durtonarten) – major keys
Durus (lat. Durus) – hard, hard
Düster (German duster) – gloomy
Duty bugle ( English duty bugle) – signal horn
Dux (lat. Dux) – 1) the theme of the fugue; 2) the initial voice in the canon
Dying (eng. dayin), dying away (dayin eway) – fading, fading
Dynamics (eng. dynamic), Dynamik (ger. speaker), Dynamique (fr. speaker) – dynamics (the power of sound and its changes

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