Music Terms – E
Music Terms

Music Terms – E

E (German e, English and) – the letter designation of the sound mi
E (it. e) – and; è (e) – there is
E (f flat clarinet (eng. and flat clarinet) – small clarinet
Ear (eng. ye) – hearing; play by ear (play bye ye) – play by ear
Easy listening (eng. yzi lisnin) – light music, literally easy listening
Ebenso (German ebenzo) – just as before (simile)
Éblouissant (French ebluisan) – dazzling
Eccedente (it. echchedente) – increased [interval, triad]
Eccitato (it. ecchitato) – excitedly Ecclesiastici toni _
(French eshape) – type of object
Echeggiando (it. ekejando) – sonorously
Échelle (French echel) – gamma; literally ladder
Écho (French eco), Echo (German echo, English eco) – echo
Echo attachment (English eco etachment), Echomaschine (German echo machine) – a device for obtaining an echo effect on a brass wind instrument
Echoton (German. echotone) – 1) like an echo; 2) the reception of playing the horn
Echowerk (German echowerk) – a mechanism in the organ that duplicates individual voices like the echo
Éclair (French eclair) – lightning, flash; comme des éclairs (come dez eclair) – like flashes of lightning [Scriabin. Sonata No. 7]
Éclat(French ecla) – sparkle, shine
Éclatant (eklyatan) – brilliant, sparkling; avec éclat (avek ekla) – sparkling
Éclisse (fr. eklis) – the shell of the stringed instruments
Ecloga (it. eclogue), Éclogue (fr. eclogue), Eclogue (eng. eclogue) – eclogue, shepherd’s song; the same as egloga, églogue
Ecso (it. eco) – echo; quasi eco (it. kuazi eco) – 1) like an echo; 2) reception of playing the French horn
Écossaise (French ecru) – ecossaise
Écriture (French ekriture) – letter
Écriture horizontale (ekriture horizontale) – linear letter
Écrou (fr. ekru) – screw [bow]
Écroulement formidable (fr. ekrulman formidable) – a terrible catastrophe [Scriabin. Symphony No. 3]
Édition (French edition), edition (English Yiddish), edizione (Italian edition) – edition
Effaçant (French Efasan) – dissolving, disappearing
Effect (English ifekt), Effekt (German effect), Effet ( fr . efe), Effetto ( it. effetto) – effect ,
impression efondreman syubi) – suddenly collapsing [Scriabin. Sonata No. 6] Effroi
(French Efrua) – fear, horror
Égal (French, German Egal) – the same, leveled [sound]
Egloga (It. Egloga), Églogue (French Eglog) – eclogue, shepherd’s song; the same as Ecloga, Eclogue
Eguagliare la sonorita (it. egualyare la sonorita) – equalize the sonority of [instruments or voices]
Eguale (it. eguale) – the same, even (relative to the tempo or strength of sound)
Egualmente (egualmente) – evenly, smoothly
Eher (German Eer) – before, earlier, better, rather
Eifer (German Aifer) – diligence, zeal; im Eifer (im aifer) – ardently
Eigensinnig (German Aigenzinnih) – wayward, stubborn
Eilen(German Ailen) – hurry
Eilend (Island) – hastily
Ein (German Ain), Einer (Ainer) – one, unit
Ein wenig (German Ain Wenih) – a little
Eindruck (German Aindruk) –
Einfach impression (German. ainfakh) – simple; the same as semplice
Eingang (German Aingang) – introduction
Einklang (German Einklang) – unison
Einleiten (German Einleiten) – introduce [topic, new material, etc.]
Einleitung (Ainleitung) – introduction, introduction
Einsatzzeichen(German Einsatstsaychen) – an introductory sign: 1) in the canon shows the introduction of imitating voices; 2) a sign of the conductor indicating the entry of the soloist after a pause
Einschnitt (German Ainschnit) – caesura
Eintritt (German Intrit) – introduction
Eisenrahmen (German Aizenramen) – a cast-iron frame at the piano
Élan (French Elyan) – impulse; avec élan (avek elyan) – with a rush
Élan sublime (elyan sublim) – in a sublime impulse [Scriabin. Symphony No. 3]
Élargir (fr. elarzhir) – expand, slow down; en élargissant (en elargisan) – expanding, slowing down
Élargissez (elargise) – expand
Élargir davantage( elarger davantazh) – more widely Elastisch ( German elastic )
 flexible , elastic , elegant, elegant Elegia (Italian elegiac), Élegie (French elegi), Elegie (German elegi), Elegy (English, eliji) – elegy Elegiac (English elijayek), Elegiaco (Italian elegiako), Élégiaque (fr elegiac), Elegisch (German elegisch) – elegiac, sad Elektrische Musikinstrumente
(German elektrishe muzikinstrumente) – electric musical instruments (electric guitar, etc.)
Elektronische Musik (German elektronishe musik) – electronic music, organization of sounds caused by special. electric generating devices
Elementartheorie (German elementarteori) – elementary music theory
Elevamente (it. elevamente), Elevato (elevato), Élevé (fr. eleve) – sublime, elevated
Eleventh (eng. ilevns) – undecima
Embellishment (eng. imbelishment), Embellissement (French anbalisman) – embellishment, melism
Embouchure (French enbouchure, English ambouchue) – 1) embouchure; 2) mouthpiece for brass instruments (fr.)
Emotion (German emotion, English imbushn), Émotion (French emoson), Emozione (it. emotion) – emotion, excitement, excitement
Empfindung (German empfindung) – feeling Empfunden (empfunden), mit Empfindung (mit empfindung) – with a sense of
Emploi (French role) – role
Emporté ( French enporte) – quick-tempered, hot , with a
rush avantage (fr. en animant toujour davantage) – more and more animated [Ravel. “Daphnis and Chloe”] En animant un peu
(French en animan en pe) – somewhat livelier En augmentant (fr. en ogmantan) – amplifying
En cédant (fr. en sedan) – slowing down
En conservant le rythme (fr. en conservan le rhythm) – keeping the rhythm
En dehors (fr . an deor) – highlighting a melody or a separate voice; literally outside
En délire (French en delir) – in a frenzy [Scriabin. Sonata No. 7]
En demiteinte et d’un rythme las (French en demitent e d’en rhythm la) – in partial shade, wearily [Ravel]
En élargissant (French en elargisan) – expanding, slowing down
En poussant (French en bussan) – 1) bow up; 2) push [tambourine]
En précipitant (French en precipitant) – accelerating
En retenant peu a peu (French en retenan pe a peu) – gradually slowing down
En rêvant (French en revan) – dreamily
En s’éloignant (French en selyuanyan) – moving away, fading
En s’eteignant peu á peu (fr . en setenyan pe a pe) – gradually fading
En se perdant (French en se perdan) – disappearing, dissolving
En se rapprochant peu à peu (French en se raprochan pe a pe) – gradually approaching [Debussy. “Fireworks”]
En secouant (French en sekuan) – shaking [tambourine]
En serrant (French en serran) – accelerating; literally squeezing
En tirant (fr. an tyrant) – downward movement [with a bow]
Enarmonico (it. enarmonico) – enharmonic
Enchainement (fr. ansheneman) – 1) sequence, combination [chords]; 2) without interruption; same as attacca; literally clutch, connection
Enchatnez (anshene) – tie
Enchaînement (fr. anshantman) – charm; avec enchantement (fr. avec anshantman) – charmingly [Scriabin. Sonata No. b]
Enclume (French anklum) – anvil (percussion instrument)
Encore (French anchor, English onco) – yet, again, in addition
Energetic (English inedzhetik), Energico (It. Enerdzhiko), Énergique (Fr. Enerzhik), Energisch (German Energish) – vigorously, strongly, decisively
Enfaticamente (it. anfatikamente),Enfatico (enfatico) – pompous, pompous
Enflammé (fr. enflame) – fiery, excited
Enge Lage (German enge lage) – close location. voices
Engführung (German engfürung) – stretta in fugue
Englisch Horn (German English horn), English horn (English English hoon) – English. horn
English violet (English vayelit) – a bowed instrument of the viol d’amore type
Enharmonic (English inhamonic), Enharmonique (French anarmonik), Enharmonrsch (German enharmonish) – enharmonic
Énigmatique (French enigmatic) – mysteriously
Enlevez la sourdine(French enleve la mute) – remove the mute
Ensemble (French, English ensemble), Ensemble (German ensemble) – ensemble
Entfernt (German entfernt) – away; in Entfernung (in entfernung) – in the distance
Enthusiasme (French enthusiasm), Enthusiasme (English enthusiasm), Enthusiasmus (German enthusiasm), Entusiasmo (it. enthusiasm) – enthusiasm, delight
Entusiastico (it. enthusiastic) – enthusiastic
Entr ‘ acte (fr. intermission) – intermission
Entrain (fr. entren) – hobby; avec entrain (avek entren) – enthusiastically
Entrance (English entrance),Entry (entry), Entrata (it. entrata), Entree (fr. entre) – 1) introduction [voice, instrument, theme]; 2) the introduction
of Entrüstet (German entrystet) – indignantly [R. Strauss. “Don Quixote”]
Entschieden (German entshiden), Entschlossen (entschlossen) – resolutely, firmly, boldly
Environ (French anviron) – within, approximately (set when indicating the tempo according to the metronome)
Épanouissement de forces mystérieuses (French epanuisman de force misterioz) – the flowering of mysterious forces [Skryabin]
Epilog (German epilogue), Epilogo (Italian epilogue), Épilogue (French epilogue), Epilogue(English epilogue) – epilogue
Épinette (French epinet) – spinet
Episode (German episode, English episoud), Épisode (French episode), Episodio (It. episodio) – episode, section of major music. forms
Epitalamio (it. epithalamio), Épithalame (fr. epitalam) – epitalama (wedding song)
Equabite (it. ekuabile) – smooth, uniform
Erhaben (ger. erhaben) – sublime, noble, majestic
Erhöhung (germ. erheung) – increase [tone tempering]
Erhöhungszeichen (German Erhöungszeichen) – sign of raising (sharp)
Ermattend (German ermattend), Ermüdet(ermudet) – wearily
Erniedrigung (German ernidrigung) – lowering [tone tempering]
Erniedrigungszeichen (German ernidrigungszeichen) – sign of lowering (flat)
Ernst (German Ernst), Ernsthaft (ernsthaft), Ernstlich (ernstlich) – seriously
Eroico (it Erotico) – heroic
Erotic (English erotic), Erotico (Italian erotic), Erotique (French erotic), Erotisch (German erotic) – erotic
Erregt (German erragt) – excitedly, excitedly
Erst (German Erst) – first, first, first of all, only (only)
Erste (erste) – the first
Erstauffuhrung (German Erstauffyurung) – 1st performance in a given country or city
Ersterbend (German Ershterband) – fading; the same as morendo
Erzählend (German ertselend) – narrative
Erzlaute (German erzlaute) – bass lute
…es (German es) – adding es after the letters. name notes means flat, eg. Des (des) – D-flat
Esacordo (it. esacordo) – hexachord
Esafonico (it. ezafoniko), Esatonale (ezatonale) – whole-tone
Esaltato (it. esaltato) – exalted, excited
Esaltazione (ezaltazione) – exaltation, delight
Esatto(it. ezatto) – carefully, accurately
Esclamato (it. esklamato) – emphasized
Esecuzione (it. ezekutsione) – execution of
Eseguire (ezeguire) – perform
Esercizio (it. ezerchitsio) – exercise, exercise
… eses (German eses) – adding eses after the letter name of the note means double-flat, eg. Deses – re-double-flat
Esitando (it. ezitando) – hesitantly
Espace (fr. espas) – the gap between the two lines
of the staff Espansivo (it. espansivo) – expansively, violently
Espirando (it. espirando) – fading; the same as morendo
Esposizione (it. exposition) – exposition
Espressione (it. espressione) – expression, expressiveness, expression; con Espressione (con espressione), Espressivo (espressive) – expressive, expressive
Esquisse (French sketch) – sketch
Estaticamente (it. estatikamente), Estatico (estatico) – enthusiastically, in ecstasy
Estemporalita (it. estemporalita) – improvisation
Estensione (it . estencione) –
Estinguendo range (it. estinguendo) – fading, weakening
Estinto (estinto) – relaxed, muffled
Estompé (fr. estonpe) – softened
Estro (it. estro) – inspiration, ardor, whim
Estro poetico (estro poetico) – poetic inspiration et (lat. et, fr. e) – and, and
Éteint (fr. ethen) – extinguished
Étendue (fr. etandue) – range [voice, instrument]
Eterofonia (it. etherofonia) – heterophony
Étincelant (French ethenselian) – sparkling
Étouffé (French etufe) – muffled
Étouffez (etufe) – muffle [sound] – indication for harp and piano
Étouffoir (French etufuar) – 1) mute; 2) damper (at the piano)
Étrange ( French etrange ) – strange ,
(German Etwas) – a little, a little, a little
Etwas lebhaft mit leidenschaftlicher Empfindung, doch nicht zu geschwind (German Etwas lebhaft mit Leidenschaftlicher Empfindung, doh nicht zu geschwind) – quite lively and passionate, but not too fast [Beethoven. “Warning Gret”]
Etwas zurückgehalten in der Bewegung (German: Etwas tsurückgehalten in der bewegung) – somewhat slowing down [movement]
Eufonia (it. eufonia), Euphonie (fr. efoni), Euphonie (German oifoni), Euphony (eng. yufen) – the euphony
of Eufonico (it. eufoniko), Euphonic (eng. yufenik), Euphonique (fr. efonik), Euphonisch(German oifonish) – harmoniously
Eufonio (it. eufonio), Euphonium (lat. euphonium, fr. efonion, eng. ufenium), Euphonium (German oyphonium) – euphonium; 1) brass wind instrument (baritone); 2) one of the registers of the organ
Eventuell (German eventuel), Éventuellement (French evantuelman) – if possible
Evergreen (English evagrin) – a popular, “not aging” melody in light music; literally evergreen
Évitee (fr. evite) – interrupted [cadans]
Evolutio (lat. evolution) – reversal of voices in double counterpoint
Ex abrupto (lat. ex abrupto) – immediately, suddenly
Ex tempore(lat. ex tempore) – improvisationally
Exagérer (fr. egzazhere) – to exaggerate; en exagerant (an ezzazheran) – exaggerating
Exaltation (fr. exaltasion) – excitement, enthusiasm, exaltation
Exalte ( exalte ) – enthusiastically, excitedly
Excessivement ( fr .
eksessivman ) – extremely, extremely ) – perform Execution (eng. eksikyushn), Execution (fr. ezekyusyon) – execution of Exercice (fr. ezereys), Exercise (eng. eksesaiz), Exerzitium (German. ekzertsium) – exercise Expansion
(French expansion) – a violent outpouring of feelings
Exposition (French exposure, English exposure), Exposition (German exposure) – exposure
Expressif (French express safe ) –
doucement appuye (French expresseif e dusman appuye) – expressively and slightly emphasized [Debussy. “Ringing bells through the foliage”]
Expressif et doucement soutenu (fr. Expressif e dusman soutenu) – expressively, slightly delaying [Debussy. “In memory of Rameau”]
Expressif et pénétrant (French ekspreseif e penetran) – expressively, penetratingly [Debussy. “The opposition of sonorities”]
Expressif et recueilli(French expreseif e rekeyi) – expressive and concentrated [Debussy. “To Lieutenant Jacques Charlot”]
Expressif et un peu suppliant (French Expressif e en pe supliant) – expressively and as if begging [Debussy. “Interrupted serenade”] Expressive
( eng. expressive) – expressive
Extatique ( fr. ecstatic )  in
ecstasy 1) a musical play with comic violations of accepted rules; 2) operetta genre in the USA (compilation of popular melodies) Extrêmement (fr-extrememan) – extremely, extremely

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