How to choose karaoke for home. Number of phonograms, playback quality.
How to Choose

How to choose karaoke for home. Number of phonograms, playback quality.

Karaoke is a great pastime for people of all age groups. Thanks to this entertainment, even a person who does not have good vocal abilities can feel like a real star.

Previously, in order to sing your favorite songs into the microphone , you had to go to a cafe or restaurant. Currently, karaoke systems for home use have appeared on sale. These devices have high-quality sound and an impressive base of compositions.

The modern market of karaoke equipment offers users many models: from budget to  luxury . When choosing a suitable installation, it is necessary to pay attention not only to its price, but also to the characteristics presented below.

        Number of phonograms

Singing in karaoke is especially popular in large companies. Friends or relatives get together to relieve stress after working days and get positive emotions. However, usually each of the amateur singers has his own musical preferences: someone loves domestic songs, and someone likes foreign compositions. To avoid quarrels and misunderstandings, it is advisable to purchase a device with a large assortment of phonograms.

For example, the song database of the  AST  Mini home karaoke system  includes more than 14,000 songs (about 10,000 Russian and Ukrainian, more than 4,000 foreign). In addition , the repertoire is updated quarterly.

Searching for audio recordings in  AST  Mini  is convenient and simple. The user can find the desired song by:

– genre;

– name;

– to the performer;

– individual words from her text.

The system also has a TOP 100 songs hit parade function, which provides the user with a list of songs that are selected most often.

How to choose karaoke for home. Number of phonograms, playback quality.

         Sound quality

The sound of a good device is always clear and crisp. When playing phonograms, there should be no extraneous noise of an electrical and mechanical nature. It is better to give preference to a device that is equipped with various options for adjusting the sound in accordance with the vocal abilities of the performers.

All of these requirements are met by  AST  Mini . The system has 2 microphone inputs with separate volume control. It has a built-in voice processor with 9 different programs, allowing you to give your performance a special expressiveness. While singing, the user can control:

– tonality and tempo of the phonogram;

– the level of the selected voice effect.

         Control method

The karaoke system should be as convenient as possible. When choosing a device, you need to pay attention to the presence of a remote control, as well as the possibility of alternative control.

You can control  AST  Mini  using:

– remote control supplied with the device;

– applications on a tablet or  smartphone  on  iOS  and  Android .

         Additional functions

The following options testify in favor of choosing the AST  Mini home karaoke system  :

  1. Scoring for performance.
  2. Built  -in media player  for viewing photos and movies, as well as listening to audio recordings.
  3. Record and store in memory up to 50 played songs.
  4. Adjustment of the text of the phonogram on the screen.


Before choosing a karaoke machine for your home, you should familiarize yourself with various models and it is advisable to try them in action. Now on the market there are many models that differ significantly both in price and in quality and functionality. With the right karaoke system at home, you will get a real entertainment corner that will attract more and more guests each time for a pleasant pastime.

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