Romuald Samuilovich Grinblatt (Grinblatt, Romuald) |

Romuald Samuilovich Grinblatt (Grinblatt, Romuald) |

Grinblatt, Romuald

Date of birth
Date of death
the USSR

He received his musical education at the Leningrad, then the Latvian Conservatory, from which he graduated in 1955 in the composition class of A. Skulte. Among the works of Greenblat, instrumental music prevails: a piano quintet (1954), two symphonies (1955, 1957), a cycle of piano pieces Impressions (1958), Youth Overture (1959), Piano Concerto (1963), and finally the ballet Rigonde.

The music of “Rigonda” is conventionally exotic. The composer created integral symphonic characteristics of his heroes, especially Ako and Nelima. The rhythmic sophistication of the music of “Rigonda” contributes to the creation of a unique style of movements in dances and pantomime episodes.

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