How to choose a digital piano?
How to Choose

How to choose a digital piano?

How to choose a digital piano?

A digital grand piano is a much rarer phenomenon than a digital piano and even an acoustic grand piano. In the “figure” the size and shape of the instrument does not depend on the depth, strength and saturation of the sound. The curved case, although it makes it possible to install a more powerful speaker system, is more of a decorative character.

Despite the rarity, the digital piano has taken its place in the world of music, and with the development of digital sound technology, it is gaining more and more advantageous positions. In this article, we will look at what digital pianos are, how they differ from each other, and what to look for when choosing.

If you know how to choose a digital piano, then the grand piano will be much less of a problem. This is an instrument from the same category and obeys the same principles: first we select the keys , then the sound , and also look at the different functions that electronics pleases (we revealed all the secrets of choosing a digital piano in our knowledge base ).

But even knowing all this, it is worth considering several features inherent in the world of digital pianos. We have identified three categories of tools according to their functional characteristics:

  • for restaurants and clubs
  • for learning
  • for stage performances.

For restaurant and club

A digital grand piano is perfect for a club or restaurant, not only because of its beautiful appearance. Although the design itself, as well as the ability to choose the color and size, play an important role. The decisive advantages of “numbers” in comparison with acoustics are the ability to easily endure changes in humidity and not “get upset” near the kitchen, as well as the absence of the need to tune the instrument when moving and rearranging from place to place.

How to choose a digital piano?

In addition to these obvious benefits, on a digital piano you can:

  • play with auto accompaniment (and there can be more than two hundred types);
  • play violin, cello, guitar and 400 – 700 different timbres on one instrument;
  • independently create and record melodies in several tracks;
  • play a recorded composition without the participation of a pianist;
  • split the keyboard into two to play with one hand, for example, the part of saxophone a, and with the other – the piano (or any other of the five hundred  timbres );
  • turn down the sound of the instrument so as not to distract guests from the conversation, or vice versa, connect it to powerful acoustics for the show program.

With a digital piano, you can have as much fun as you like! For this purpose, the model ranges of Orla  and Medeli are best suited . 

How to choose a digital piano?How to choose a digital piano?

A large number of built-in tones and auto accompaniments , touchscreen control, USB port and sequencers where you can record your melodies, as well as a choice of colors and relatively low cost – make these grand pianos ideal for a restaurant or club.

Thanks to the hammer-weighted keyboard and good speakers, you can learn on such an instrument. But the polyphonic capabilities are still inferior to many digital pianos with a smaller body. Therefore, if we are to choose a piano for teaching a young talent, then we recommend something else.

For learning

Yamaha CLP-565GPWH  has the same small dimensions as the grand pianos mentioned above, but they sound like music boxes next to a speaker system. This instrument has a real “piano” sound!


River flows in you - Yiruma - Piano Solo - Yamaha CLP 565 GP


Namely, the sound of famous concert grand pianos – Yamaha CFX and Imperial from Bosendorfer. An experienced piano master worked on the authenticity of the sound of a digital instrument, thanks to which it is difficult to distinguish it from its acoustic “brothers”.

256-note polyphony , a specially designed acoustic system, maximum sensitivity of the ivory keyboard, and special functions that recreate the resonance of a real grand piano. All this puts it a notch higher in terms of naturalness and depth of sound, and 303 learning songs make it ideal for training a young talent at home or school. This grand piano is so good that it can be used for performances in small halls or at concerts in a music school.

In the same category, I would like to mention the Roland GP-607 PE mini-piano .


Roland GP607 Digital Grand Piano for your living space


Polyphony of 384 voices, built-in  timbres (307), metronome, splitting the keyboard into two, the ability to record your playing – all this makes the instrument an excellent simulator for those who want to learn how to play music.

For stage performances

Roland – the recognized leader in digital instruments – has created something even more spectacular – Roland V-Piano Grand . The king of digital pianos!


Roland V-Piano Grand Premiere - Los Angeles - Yana Reznik (Part 1)


The next-generation tone generator reproduces every nuance of sound, and the speaker system delivers four levels of sound:

  • the pianist hears the sound of a hammer striking a string (the acoustic that produces it is closest to the musician),
  • the second is the oscillation of the string itself,
  • then the resonance created in a real piano by other strings,
  • and lastly, the sound of the deck.

Thus, both the pianist and the audience feel the full depth of the sound of a real concert grand piano. Each of these sounds is output by speakers placed in specific locations to form a sound field that matches the instrument.

The digital piano is an unusual phenomenon in the world of musical instruments. The most expensive models compete with the acoustic kings of the scene in terms of sound. And more affordable ones become indispensable due to the abundance of opportunities that they give to the musician.

Like its acoustic counterpart, the digital grand piano is a symbol of glitz and luxury that can brighten up not only the concert hall, but also your living room. If you are in doubt whether you need a digital grand piano or whether it is better to choose a piano, call us!

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