Ferdinand Antonolini (Ferdinando Antonolini) |

Ferdinand Antonolini (Ferdinando Antonolini) |

Ferdinando Antonolini

Date of death

Born in the second half of the 1796th century. in Venice. Composer, conductor. Worked in Russia. Since 1797 he was a court composer, since XNUMX he was the director of the Italian troupe, a singing teacher at the St. Petersburg Theater School.

He wrote music for the ballets Camilla, or the Underground (1814) and Mars and Venus (1815), both staged in St. Petersburg by choreographer I. I. Valberkh. In collaboration with the choreographer C. Didlo, he created the ballets: The Young Milkmaid, or Nisetta and Luka (1817), Theseus and Arianna, or the Defeat of the Minotaur (1817), The Caliph of Baghdad, or the Young Adventure of Haroun al-Rashid ( 1818), “Semela, or the Revenge of Juno” (together with K. Kavos, 1818), “Naval victory, or the Liberation of prisoners” (1819), “Henzi and Tao, or Beauty and the Beast” (1819), “Cora and Alonzo , or the Virgin of the Sun” (1820), “Alceste, or the Descent of Hercules into Hell” (1821).

Ferdinando Antonolini died in 1824 in St. Petersburg.

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