Musical competitions for weddings

It is impossible to imagine any wedding celebration without a variety of games and music competitions. All of them are positively welcomed by guests of different ages. From all this countless numbers, two main categories can be distinguished: table competitions and active ones. Table competitions are used to cheer up guests and get them into a state of excitement. No active actions are required from guests, you just need to complete easy tasks that will make everyone get to know each other, smile and get in the mood for fun.

Active competitions, of which there are a great many, are the most fun and exciting. Either two people or two teams of twenty-two can take part in them. They are selected for each wedding celebration based on the number of guests, their age and desire to participate in these competitions. The location where the wedding will be held is of no small importance, since it will be difficult to hold an active team competition in a small room. So, let’s look at the most popular music competitions for weddings.

Warm up for the brain.

This competition is a table competition; it can be held both individually and for teams. The toastmaster invites participants to remember all the wedding-themed songs. The winner is the player or team of participants who last sang the wedding song without repeating it once.

Congratulations to the newlyweds

The table competition is held with the participation of two teams. The toastmaster gives the participants a piece of paper with words and within five minutes they must compose a song with congratulations for the newlyweds, using only the words written on the piece of paper. The winning team is determined by the heroes of the occasion.

Guess the melody

To conduct this music competition you will need a chair, prizes and musical accompaniment (a music center with CDs of melodies of popular songs). Two players are selected from each team in order of rotation. After one of the participants has guessed what the melody is, he claps his hands and names the option. If the answer is correct, he receives a prize; if not, the opponent is given the right to answer. The game continues until all team members have played. The winning team is determined by the number of prizes.

Dance over the abyss

Guests must be divided into pairs, each given a sheet of newspaper. They must dance to the music on this sheet without stepping over the edge. Then the newspaper is folded in half and the dance continues. The pair that stepped over the edge is eliminated, after which the newspaper is folded in half again. This continues until only one dancing couple remains. Its participants are declared winners and awarded a prize.

Musical revelations

Teams of players participate in the competition, since individually it will be too difficult, and the competition will lose its entertainment value. The essence of the game is that one of the teams asks a question with a line from some popular song. And the opposing team must answer the question with another line from the song. Eg:

and so on.

As mentioned above, music competitions for weddings are very diverse. But all this great multitude is united by one goal – to amuse all the guests of the celebration, both those who take part and those who observe the process from the side. Absolutely all games and competitions should be witty, kind and fun, then all participants in the process will feel comfortable and cozy. And this is the most important atmosphere that is needed at a wedding celebration.

Watch a video about a fun dance competition at a wedding:

Веселый танцевальный конкурс!!!

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