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ital. – all

1) Joint play of all instruments of the orchestra. In the 17th century the word “T.” used as a synonym for the terms ripieno, omnes, plenus chorus, etc., denoting the joint sound of all choirs, groups of instruments and organs in multi-choir wok.-instr. prod. In the 18th century in concerto grosso and other genres that use the principle of juxtaposition of sound masses, the word tutti in the score indicated the entry of all instruments in the ripieno sections after the designation solo in concertino. In modern the orchestra distinguishes between large and small T.; the second involves the participation of an incomplete brass, sometimes incomplete woodwind group. T. is more often used when playing forte, fortissimo, although it is also possible in pianissimo.

2) Joint singing of all groups of the choir.

3) The sound of all registers of the organ; button or pedal that turns them on.

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