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from lat. quinta – fifth

1) An interval of five steps; denoted by the number 5. They differ: a pure fifth (part 5) containing 31/2 tones; diminished fifth (d. 5) – 3 tones (also called tritone); increased fifth (sw. 5) – 4 tones; in addition, a twice reduced fifth can be formed (double mind. 5) – 21/2 tones and twice increased fifth (double increase 5) – 41/2 tone.

The fifth belongs to the number of simple (not exceeding an octave) intervals; pure and diminished fifths are diatonic. intervals, since they are formed from the steps of diatonic. scales and are converted to pure and augmented quarts, respectively; the rest of the listed fifths are chromatic.

2) The fifth step of the scale.

3) Fifth sound (tone) of the chord.

4) The first string on the violin, tuned to е2 (mi second octave).

See Interval, Diatonic Scale, Chord.

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