Choosing a Digital Piano with a Hammer Action

Choosing a Digital Piano with a Hammer Action

The fundamental difference between an acoustic instrument and a digital instrument is the presence of strings and hammers in the former. Serious electronic pianos are equipped with sensors as an analogue of strings. The more sensors, the brighter and fuller the sound of the piano will be. Three-sensor mechanics in digital pianos is considered the most modern . When choosing a model for training and, moreover, for professional performance, the hammer action mechanism is the defining criterion – without it, the keys of the instrument will simply be “inanimate ” .

The hammer action piano has an element of tactile difference when the keys are pressed – the lower octaves are much heavier, and the upper register is almost weightless. This phenomenon is called keyboard gradation and is present by default on digital pianos with hammer action .

The article presents the characteristics of the most optimal options for electronic pianos of the type under consideration, based on customer reviews and the current rating of digital piano models with a hammer action system in terms of price-quality ratio.

The tools are available in a variety of colors and designs.

Hammer Action Digital Piano Overview

CASIO PRIVIA PX-870WE Digital Piano

The model is equipped with a Tri-sensor system and a built-in metronome. It embodies all the advantages of an acoustic piano, however, it does not require constant tuning. The piano has 19 timbres , including the sound of a concert grand piano. Polyphony of 256 voices, Equalizer Volume Sync EQ with sensitivity to the volume of the instrument.

Choosing a Digital Piano with a Hammer Action

Model characteristics:

  • fully weighted keyboard (88 keys)
  • 3 levels of touch sensitivity
  • 3 built-in classic piano pedals (damper, soft, sostenuto)
  • translation and transposition by two octaves (12 tones)
  • tuning function: A4 = 415.5Hz ~ 440.0Hz ~ 465.9Hz
  • 17 frets of the scale
  • Weight: 35.5 kg
  • Dimensions 1367 x 299 x 837 mm

CASIO PRIVIA PX-770BN Digital Piano

The piano opens up opportunities for learning to play the instrument, composition and professional activities. The highest quality of the piano allows it to be used both at home and in the recording studio. Casio branded keyboard – Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard Ⅱ is made using a special technology. The control panel is located on the side, which significantly optimizes the work with the tool. The model is equipped with a Concert Play system, tempo control of parts, an equalizer.

Choosing a Digital Piano with a Hammer Action


  • touch keyboard 88 keys
  • triple level of key responsiveness
  • sampling, reverb, digital effects
  • transposition and transposition up to two octaves (12 tones)
  • midi – keyboard, headphones, stereo
  • built-in adjustable metronome
  • weight – 35.5 kg, dimensions 1367 x 299 x 837 mm

CASIO PRIVIA PX-870BK Digital Piano

This model is made with a Tri-sensor hammer mechanism , which allows you to place the pianist’s hands just as competently as on classical acoustics, develop playing fluency and performance technique. Fully weighted piano-style keys, 256-voice polyphony and triple touch sensitivity. A distinctive feature is the presence of a simulator of acoustic overtones: sounds and responses of hammers, resonation of dampers.

Choosing a Digital Piano with a Hammer Action

Model characteristics:

  • Sampling and layering functions
  • 2nd generation hammer action keyboard (88 keys)
  • touch controller
  • three built-in classic piano pedals (damper, soft, sostenuto)
  • damper half-pedal
  • translation and transposition by two octaves or 12 tones
  • built-in metronome adjustment
  • weight 35.5 kg, dimensions 1367 x 299 x 837 mm

CASIO PRIVIA PX-770WE Digital Piano

This model is distinguished by a wonderful sound, and the white color of the body gives the instrument a special sophistication. Polyphony of 128 voices, vibraphone, organ and grand piano modes and about 60 classical compositions contribute to comfortable learning and are suitable for beginner pianists. The piano is equipped with an adjustable metronome and an acoustic overtone simulator, has hammer sensitivity and a damper half-pedal function.

Choosing a Digital Piano with a Hammer Action

Tool Features:

  • Tuning System A4 = 415.5Hz ~ 440.0Hz ~ 465.9Hz
  • octave transfer and transposition up to two octaves (12 tones)
  • three built-in classic piano pedals (damper, soft, sostenuto)
  • 17 – fret scale
  • weight 31.5 kg
  • touch controller
  • 4-level keyboard sensitivity
  • dimensions 1367 x 299 x 837 mm

Digital grand piano, Medeli GRAND510

The piano is equipped with a hammer action mechanism . The instrument uses counterweights and natural mechanics , bringing the sound as close as possible to concert acoustics. The keyboard is fully graduated – the weight of the keys is weighted towards the lower y and bass. The piano is endowed with 256-voice polyphony and a learning system for playing separately with each hand.

Choosing a Digital Piano with a Hammer Action

Model characteristics:

  • USB connection
  • MP3 – playback
  • 13 drum kit styles
  • fully weighted keyboard
  • three classic piano pedals (damper, soft, sostenuto)
  • weight: 101 kg, dimensions – 1476 x 947 x 932mm

Piano and Hammer Action Piano Features

Choosing a Digital Piano with a Hammer ActionThe key nuance of the classic keyboard instrument is its sensitivity to the touch of the fingers and the force of pressing.

At the same time, modern touch digital pianos even have an advantage over acoustic models. It consists in the ability to adjust the degree of responsiveness of the hammers. So, if it is difficult for a small student to fully play due to age, an electronic model with a hammer-type system allows you to adjust the sensitivity to a specific situation and performer. For a professional musician, it is also possible to customize the mechanism individually to fit your hand.

More expensive digital pianos have an advanced system that fully reproduces the classic hammer action . In small-sized electronic pianos , by and large, there is no mechanics, only its analogue, expressed in the graduation of the keyboard, takes place. That is why for full sounding, movement and feedback of the instrument’s keys, virtuosity and brightness of performance, it is better to give preference to more advanced samples with a touch system.

Such models will be a significant help in learning and achieving goals in the field of piano playing.

Answers on questions

What brands should you look for when choosing a digital hammer action piano?

These models are widely represented by Kurzweli and Casio .

Are there digital pianos not only in structure, but also visually reminiscent of acoustics?

Yes, for example, the CASIO PRIVIA PX-870BN digital piano is not only equipped with a Tri-sensor hammer action system, but also finished in a classic brown wood tone.


Thus, when choosing such a monumental acquisition as an electronic piano, it is highly recommended to pay attention to models with hammer action . Being slightly more expensive than usual, such pianos significantly benefit in terms of quality. Music is an area where nuances play a very important role, because it’s about expression and sound. A musical ear does not tolerate mediocrity.

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