Gavriil Yakovlevich Yudin (Yudin, Gavriil) |

Gavriil Yakovlevich Yudin (Yudin, Gavriil) |

Yudin, Gabriel

Date of birth
Date of death
composer, conductor
the USSR

In 1967, the musical community celebrated the fortieth anniversary of Yudin’s conducting activities. During the time that has passed since graduating from the Leningrad Conservatory (1926) with E. Cooper and N. Malko (in composition with V. Kalafati), he worked in many theaters of the country, led symphony orchestras in Volgograd (1935-1937), Arkhangelsk (1937- 1938), Gorky (1938-1940), Chisinau (1945). Yudin took second place in a conducting competition organized by the All-Union Radio Committee (1935). Since 1935, the conductor has been constantly giving concerts in most major cities of the USSR. For a long time, Yudin was a consultant to the artistic department of the Moscow Philharmonic. An important place in the composer’s activity belongs to the editing and instrumentation of Glazunov’s unpublished compositions. So, in 1948, under the direction of Yudin, the Ninth Symphony of the remarkable Russian composer was first performed. The conductor’s concert programs included the first performances of works by S. Prokofiev, R. Gliere, T. Khrennikov, N. Peiko, O. Eiges and other Soviet composers.

L. Grigoriev, J. Platek, 1969

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