What is the converter for?

What is the converter for?

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Simply put, a converter is a device that allows us to connect two devices using different technologies. Thanks to this solution, we can connect an older type of device with a device that uses newer technological solutions. We can also convert analog signal to digital and vice versa without major problems. Depending on the application of the converter, it will have transducers, the quality of which has a decisive influence on the final effect.


Types of converters

We can meet various types of converters that have various uses. The most popular converters are those that are used in many homes, i.e. satellite converters. Their task is obvious and is to deliver the signal from the satellites to the television set. In home use, we have audio-video converters that convert, for example: analog VGA signal to digital HDMI signal. We also have multimedia converters that convert us computer files. Of course, we will not discuss all of the individual types, because this article is focused on converters typically used for music, so we will mainly focus on these. And such a typical music converter will be the DCA converter, thanks to which, among others, we can listen to music stored in digital technology. Today we do not think about it because we live in the age of digitization and it is obvious to us, but it should be realized that the sound that we can hear in the loudspeakers has been converted. We can illustrate it on the example of an mp3 or wav file on our computer. This file is a digital record and only after processing it into an analog signal and sending it to the loudspeakers we are able to hear it. Of course, to play mp3 from a computer, we do not have to buy a converter, because the computer can do without it. DAC converters, on the other hand, fulfill a much more ambitious function and are designed to convey this sound to us in the best of its pure form without lossy compression.

How to choose a DCA converter?

The choice of the converter should be dictated primarily by what we intend to connect to it. If we just want to convert the digital signal to analog, we only need a simple model with a USB port and RCA outputs. For computer game lovers, you will need an additional optical input. For people whose sound quality is a priority, they should choose a device that supports a minimum of 24-bit signal with a sampling frequency of 192 kHz, and for those with even greater requirements, the 32-bit model with a sampling frequency of 384 kHz will be the best solution. Converters connected to the computer via USB are seen as an external sound card.

What is the converter for?

Audio converter price

The price of the converter depends primarily on the capabilities of a given model. Here, the decisive elements are power, quality of the transducers used, transmission speed, number and type of connectors. The simplest and cheapest models can be purchased for several dozen zlotys, the better ones, but still belonging to the budget shelf, for several hundred zlotys, and we will have to pay several thousand for the most expensive audiophiles.

Converters are a great invention that allows us to combine various technologies. Thanks to this solution, we can, for example, transfer our movie recorded in the 80-90s on a VHS tape to our computer and save it in digital form. There are hundreds of different models of converters on the market that have various applications and are tailored to the needs and wealth of the buyer’s wallet.

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