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Tessitura (Italian tessitura, lit. – fabric, from tessere – weave; German Lage, Stimmlage) – a term that determines the altitude position of sounds in music. prod. in their relation to the range of singing. voices or music tool. Distinguish average (normal), low and high T. In average T. pevch. voices or music instruments, as a rule, have the greatest express. possibilities and beauty of sound; it is the most convenient to perform. Correspondence of natures. singing possibilities. voices or music tool is a necessary condition for a full-fledged arts. execution. This condition, however, is observed to varying degrees in for soloists and choirs. and orc. votes. Products intended for solo performance, and parts of solo performers are replete with extensive sections that are in the area of ​​​​difficult, “uncomfortable” T., which is explained by a large range of technical. opportunities for solo musicians. Chorus. and orc. parties most often lie in the region of normal temperature with rare and short-term visits to the region of low and high temperature.

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