Semi-hollowbody and hollowbody guitars

Semi-hollowbody and hollowbody guitars

The music market now offers guitarists a huge amount of different guitar models. Starting from the traditional classical and acoustic ones to electro-acoustic ones, and ending with various configurations of electric guitars. One of the most interesting designs are hollowbody and semi-hollowbody guitars. Originally, this type of guitar was created with jazz and blues musicians in mind. However, over the years, with the development of the music industry, this type of guitar has also started to be used by musicians of other musical genres, including rock musicians, associated with the broadly understood alternative scene and punks. Guitars of this type already visually stand out from standard electricians. The producers decided to add some acoustic guitar elements to enrich the sound even more. So this type of guitar has holes that are most often in the shape of the letter “f” in the soundboard. These guitars usually use humbucker pickups. A modification of the hollow-body guitar is a semi-hollow characterized by a block of solid wood between the front and back plates of the instrument and a thinner body. The construction of this type of guitars gives them different sonic characteristics than solidbody constructions. We will take a look at two models that are worth considering when looking for this type of instrument.

The first of the presented guitars is the Gretsch Electromatic. It is a semi-hollowbody guitar with a spruce block inside, which is supposed to positively affect the resonance of the instrument and prevent feedback. Maple neck and body provide a loud and resonant sound. The guitar has two proprietary humbuckers: Blacktop ™ Filter′Tron ™ and Dual-Coil SUPER HiLo′Tron ™. It is equipped with a TOM bridge, Bigsby tremolo and professional Grover spanners. The guitar also has tightened hooks, so the purchase of additional straplocks is unnecessary. The high quality of workmanship and the accessories will provide a lot of joy not only to amateurs, but also to professional guitarists.

Gretsch Elekctromatic Red – YouTube

Gretsch Elekctromatic Red

The second guitar we want to introduce to you is the Epiphone Les Paul ES PRO TB. You could say it’s a guitar with a big rock edge. It is a perfect marriage of the Les Paul shape and the ES finish. This combination produces an unprecedented sound, all thanks to the classic Archtop inspired Les Paul base. The features that distinguish this guitar are, among others, the mahogany body with the Flame Maple Veneer top, and most of all the cut “F-holes” or violin “efas”, which give it a unique character. The new model features powerful Epiphone ProBuckers pickups, namely the ProBucker2 in the neck position and the ProBucker3 in the bridge position, each with the option of separating the coil-tap coils using push-pull potentiometers. Gauge 24 3/4, Grover gears with 18: 1 gear ratio, 2x Volume 2 x Tone adjustment, three-position switch and LockTone with Stopbar tailpiece confirm the use of the best, already proven elements from Epiphone. The ES PRO TB features an ultra-comfortable, mahogany 60’s Slim Taper neck profile. Additionally, the center block and counter brace ribs are specific to the ES models.

Epiphone Les Paul ES PRO TB – YouTube

Epiphone Les Paul ES PRO TB

I strongly encourage you to test both guitars, which are a great proof that hollow body and semi-hollow body guitars work well in many musical genres, ranging from mild blues to strong metal hard rock. The above models are characterized by a great quality of workmanship. In addition, their prices are really very affordable and should meet the expectations of even the most demanding guitarists.

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