Rock Academy “Moskvorechye” is preparing to celebrate its birthday

One of the old music schools intended for teaching adults, the Moskvorechye Rock Academy, is preparing to celebrate its birthday!

Over the past few months alone, about three hundred people have been trained within its walls. A significant part of them continue to improve their musical skills to this day, as evidenced by the upcoming concert, which is scheduled to take place in 1 month. It will take place at the Vermel club.

“Moskvorechye” has gained well-deserved fame as a school that has trained talented guitarists with its lessons. The secret of the school’s success lies in its unique teaching methods. They have been developed over the years and allow one to reach certain heights on the musical Olympus, regardless of age: teenage or elderly.

Even if, as you think, you have realized the need for training at an advanced age, this will not interfere with your studies. Academy teachers take an individual approach to teaching each student.

As expected, on the eve of a birthday it is customary to sum up the preliminary results of the outgoing year. This tradition was no exception for the Moskvorechye Rock Academy. The founders of the school, A. Lavrov and I. Lamzin, consider the past year to be very unusual.

The peculiarity is that the musical institution has finally returned to its historical premises, which is located in the very center of Moscow, opposite the Kremlin.

Since the beginning of this academic year, another good tradition has appeared at the Academy: twice a month, students and teachers hold concerts at the Vermel club. Over the course of several months, such meetings became traditional and allowed us to gather a team of creative people who want to spend time together.

The direction that traditionally enjoys the greatest popularity is vocals. Graduates of this specialty successfully enter other musical institutions, receiving higher education. Their knowledge and skills are highly valued among professionals, which allows them to teach independently.

Education at the Academy is not limited to ordinary classes. For example, students of A. Lavrov, who teaches music theory, actively participate in the creative life of the institution. They have successfully established themselves both as composers and as lovers of impromptu and improvisations in the jazz style. Students actively show themselves in the classes of these clubs, and also have the opportunity to demonstrate their work to their friends every week. Improvisations on famous musical themes cannot leave anyone indifferent, especially creative people. Thus, in an informal setting, original ideas and even teams are born.

However, A. Lavrov’s studies went beyond the scope of such areas. His piano school is no less successful. After some time, pianists will be able to appreciate his new creation: “Lavrov’s Modes”. It is unique in that everyone will find in it exercises for developing technique, which are interesting for their minimalism. Such classes are noticeably different from traditional classical music, and students show genuine interest in them.

For many years, the talent and professionalism of the school’s teachers has allowed us to light new stars on the musical horizon, which become the decoration of the most famous stages in Russia.

On June 9, the venue, which has become traditional for students and teachers of the Moskvorechye Rock Academy, is pleased to meet with lovers and connoisseurs of classical music, dedicated to the birthday of this institution.

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